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Chipper Time Again
    With all the beautiful greenery, as a result of our wet winter, it is time to prepare for the fire season: limbing up trees and trimming bushes to avoid laddering up into trees and making sure the fire code is met.
    Residents can remove hazardous vegetation from their properties utilizing funds available from Measure R. Orinda adopted Fire Aside’s ChipperDay software last August. Ninety-five percent of residents rated their chipping experience 4+ and 89% gave it a solid 5. This is a year-round, cost-free chipping service, through the Fire Fuels Reduction Incentive Program. To reserve a time slot, visit
    The City of Orinda offers rebates as an incentive to make homes wildfire resistant. Qualified applicants could receive up to $599.

Sudden Oak Death Early Warning
    Sudden Oak Death (SOD), halted by the drought, spreads in wet conditions and could re-emerge, killing hundreds of oaks. Consider participating in UC Berkeley’s annual SOD Blitz, a citizen science survey tracking SOD for 15 years, to help create early warnings of vulnerable areas. Collect and submit leaves with SOD symptoms from areas and at times of your choosing in the East Bay on May 12. Visit or contact Bill Hudson at

Compiled by Charleen Earley, who can be reached at

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