Letters to the Editor

Private Roads Have Benefits
    In response to your articles on the private roads in Orinda, I am of the distinct impression that your writers have a bias towards those who want the city to pay for their private roads. All the individuals quoted seem to be a part of an organized campaign to get the city to pay for their privacy. 
    Has your staff made any effort to consider the other side that does not want to pay for private roads?  Have they thought about what a “no trespassing” sign means? 
    Perhaps it would be good to hear from the silent majority. Those who live on private roads have benefits, the advantages of the cachet of a private road address and the privacy that comes with it.
    These are important for Orindans. Paying for that privacy seems like a small price to pay for what they get.  
    Please make the effort and do more balanced reporting.
–Andrew Flagg