Letters to the Editor

City Council Needs to Keep Eye on the Ball 
    The City of Orinda has been patiently, carefully – a bit languorously – working on downtown revitalization. Good on ya’ 
    Since COVID, downtown is more important than ever. Livable, walkable, relaxing outdoor spaces are more precious. My older buddies and I meet for outdoor palaver and coffee right outside Café Teatro, next to Orinda Way. Today, Friday, the area sun splashed, almost all tables filled. Skipping three-year-olds, moms and dads, retired folk, delivery persons, walkers and dogs. 
    Quiet vibrancy.
    But, I’m hard-pressed to think of another such place in Orinda.  
    With coffee cup in hand, I’d respectfully remind the Council, the Planning Commission, the new city manager, directors, staff – that most Orindans will embrace more life, more zip – downtown. 
    Our past elections so demonstrate.
    We all want to leave the car, stroll, meet old and new friends, read a book, sip coffee, someday a wine spritzer, snack, shop, breathe fresh air, gaze at the beautiful green hills.
    Most of my cohort will not come to council meetings or write letters. But, we are here, we support you City Council. We wish for good things to happen. 
    So, humbly urged … step it up.
    There are naysayers who will bend your ear. God love ‘em. Who profess to want progress, but at the same time, toss roadblocks in the way. Perhaps here and there, some value added.
    Keep ears open to all, but eye on the ball, and keep the wheels of change – good change – rolling forward, toward a lively downtown.
–David Anderson