Superbowl Party-of-One

    It was a lovely party-of-one watching Superbowl LV this pandemic year for me, a drastic change from non-pandemic year’s past, when I celebrated completed passes and touchdowns with dear friends in Stockton – so you might say I “took one for the team” this year.
    My end game was to stay safe and healthy and COVID-free, as well as keep my friends equally safe. I think I may have won MVP-OO, Most Valuable Party of One.
    Truth be told, I only watch the games for the commercials, pre-game fluff, halftime performances and the history of players and past Superbowl games. I’m not a huge sports fan, but I grew up in a household with the sound of football playing in the background during the holidays and big games – so it’s comforting on some level. And during this pandemic, comforting is key.
    My party-of-one included mini homemade pizzas made on buttered, toasted Ciabatta bread topped with black sliced olives, pepperonis and grated cheese, served with BBQ Lay’s potato chips and Amelia Earhart’s favorite vodka cocktail (or two).
    Is it me, or do halftime shows feel more like mini concerts now? Of course, I enjoyed them. And I was shocked to see the audience, the crowds – were they wearing masks? I couldn’t tell. Was this a super-spreader event? The performers and band players wore masks, so that was cool.
    The commercials were great. Many felt like PSAs (Public Service Announcements), but they were moving, real and needed.
    The funny commercials definitely had me laughing. As a single woman I identified with the Gwen Stefani/Blake T-Mobile commercial with her line to Blake, “Blake, oh my God, hilarious right, I mean, no!” Poor Blake and his boot spurs, probably scratching up that dark, wood floor.
    The Dr. Squatch commercial was fun too. They had me at the name of natural soap for men, “Dr. Squatch” and “let their daughters braid their hair.”
    There might have been more amazing commercials, but I was trying to grade student papers at the same time, so I’ll simply have to Google (yes, that’s a verb now) best Superbowl LV commercials.
    In the meantime, I’m hoping Superbowl XVI will not be another party-of-one, but a party-of-many.

(Kathy Enzerink, Photographer)
For many days in a row, the Orinda sky filled with smoke creating hazardous to very hazardous air quality.