Change is in the Air and the Newspaper!

    With the lifting of most COVID-era restrictions, we are all experiencing more freedom and a return to a more normal pre-pandemic life. We, like many of you, find not wearing masks everywhere a welcome change. But we’re also proceeding with caution, as some of our friends and neighbors are still too young to receive the vaccine or have health conditions that make the vaccine dangerous for them.
    The same holds true for our Fourth of July Parade. With the support of many Orindans, The Orinda Association will hold the parade this year, but it will be a slightly smaller parade and the festivities in the park are limited to a concert. Masks will also be available and, although not mandatory, are strongly recommended to protect our more vulnerable citizens.
    The Orinda News has also instituted a few changes. Our Business Buzz Column usually found on the back page will now be a feature on a local business paired with David Born’s Financial Column.
    We are grateful to our various Business Buzz writers over the years, Charlie Jarrett, Valerie Nevin and Elana O’Loskey. While Jarrett and Nevin are no longer with the paper, O’Loskey will continue to keep us informed on the visual, and now performing arts, in our area. If you have an idea for a business feature, please contract editor@theorindanews.com.
    We also have Miramonte student Ania Keenan as one of our regular writers andCharis Woo as our summer intern (see article. It’s always a pleasure to work with our talented and energetic teens that keep the rest of us on our toes!
    June always marked the month of graduation, so this issue, we’ve highlighted 41 talented high school students who won the Poul Anderson Writing Awards (see article).
    Also check out the American Association of University Women-Orinda, Moraga, Lafayette scholarships awarded to 36 local and deserving young women and teens (see article), who excelled in STEM programs throughout the academic year.
    One thing we know about Orindans is they are passionate about the city they live in and their surrounding communities. You’ll find controversy rising up within our MOFD department (see article) about conflicts of interests. At The Orinda News, we encourage community member voices to speak up by writing letters to the editor, which are due by the 8th of each month prior to the next months’ issue. To voice your opinions, send your email to editor@theorindanews.com.
    COVID went ahead and messed with so many areas of our lives, to include our local artists who were previously scheduled to showcase their artwork in the Orinda Library gallery from March 2020 forward. Therefore, our writer Elana O’Loskey is happy to present a photo slideshow of 20 curated art pieces on our website, located at https://theorindanews.com/2021/06/24/covid-19-retrospective-80-inspired-artworks-escape-local-studios/. Soon, both the Wilder Gallery and Library Gallery will schedule artists’ displays on their walls again.
    – Sally Hogarty, Executive Editor and Charleen Earley, Editor-in-Chief