Rising to the Occasion

(Derek Zemrak, Photographer)
Words of wisdom grace the temporarily shuttered Orinda Theatre.

    Our current ever-changing situation has the feel of a science fiction movie as dire news and new restrictions on movements fill the airways hourly. Social distancing is one thing but being confined to your home is something else again. Mental health experts warn that isolation can be detrimental not only to mental but also physical health.
    As the impact of the coronavirus outbreak suddenly takes hold, the Orinda community shows how people need to look after one another. Many people are checking on older or more vulnerable neighbors to be sure they’re safe.
    The incredible volunteer drivers for Seniors Around Town have eagerly donated their time to shop and drop off food supplies and medication to homebound seniors. While all but the most necessary free rides have been canceled, drivers still take seniors to dialysis and other required medical appointments. Thank you all for caring so much about others.
    While we’re all being told to stay home, health experts and the Centers for Disease Control recommend we do get fresh air and exercise – just not in close proximity to others. So, please get out there and enjoy our beautiful trail systems and the transformation of our area with spring blossoms everywhere.
    Those bright white and pink blossoms are a reminder that new life is just around the corner.
    – Sally Hogarty, Executive Editor