City Launches Online Business Registration


The City of Orinda recently introduced a new website to allow local businesses to apply for or renew their Business Registration Certificate online. As of Sept. 1, the City requires all businesses operating in the City to obtain this certificate before commencing operations. Businesses with gross receipts of less than $10,000 a year are exempt, but still encouraged to register. Certificates expire on Dec. 31 and must be renewed annually, but all 2018 certificates will expire Dec. 31, 2019 – three free months. The easiest and fastest way to complete the process is to go to If you need assistance or help registering your business, please contact or by phone at (925) 374-5885.

The purpose of the certificates is to establish a record of businesses operating in the City in order to better coordinate parking, transportation, economic development and event programming; assist in zoning compliance; maintain contact information which can be used to notify businesses regarding public safety issues; and gather statistical information for other City purposes.

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