Police Blotter – February 2020


December 1, 2019 through January 11, 2020

Calls for Service
911 Hangup: 16 incidents.
Abandoned Vehicle: 2 incidents.
Accident Injury: 1 incident.
Accident Property: 10 incidents.
Alarm, False: 87 incidents.
Barking Dog: 2 incidents.
Burglary, Auto: 15 incidents: Theatre Square (x2), Moraga Way (x5), Camino Pablo, Camino Sobrante, El Toyonal, Wilder Rd. (x3), El Gavilan Ct.
Burglary, Commercial: 1 incident.
Burglary, Residential: 9 incidents: Ardith Rd. (x4), Underhill Rd., Darnby Ct., Miner Rd. (x2).
Civil Disturbance: 4 incidents.
CVC Moving Violation: 100 incidents.
CVC Non-Moving Violation: 120 incidents.
Death Non Criminal: 5 incidents.
Disturbing the Peace: 3 incidents.
Failure to Obey: 1 incident.
Found Property: 1 incident.
Fraud, False Pretenses: 1 incident.
Grand Theft: 2 incidents.
Harassment: 1 incident.
Hit & Run Misdemeanor: 5 incidents.
Identity Theft: 4 incidents.
Juvenile Disturbance: 2 incidents.
Lost Property: 2 incidents.
Loud Music: 1 incident.
Loud Noise: 3 incidents.
Loud Party: 1 incident.
Medical Hospital: 2 incidents.
Missing Adult: 2 incidents.
Motorist Assist: 1 incident.
Occupied Stalled Vehicle: 2 incidents.
Outside Assist: 16 incidents.
Panhandling: 1 incident.
Parking Detail: 57 incidents.
Patrol Request: 105 incidents.
Petty Theft: 6 incidents.
Phone Harassment: 1 incident.
Public Nuisance: 6 incidents.
Reckless Driving: 8 incidents: Glorietta Blvd., Moraga Way, Camino Pablo, Miner Rd., Camino Sobrante.
Robbery, Strongarm: 1 incident: Alice Ln.
School Check: 41 incidents.
Security Check: 52 incidents.
Service to Citizen: 133 incidents.
Shoplifting: 3 incidents: Moraga Way, Camino Sobrante, Orinda Way.
Shots Heard: 1 incident.
Suspicious Circumstances: 11 incidents.
Suspicious Person Stop: 17 incidents.
Suspicious Subject: 20 incidents.
Suspicious Vehicle: 15 incidents.
Suspicious Vehicle Stop: 14 incidents.
Tamper with Vehicle: 1 incident.
Traffic Collision/Property Damage: 3 incidents.
Traffic Hazard: 9 incidents.
Trespassing: 1 incident.
Vacation House Check: 35 incidents.
Vandalism: 4 incidents.
Vehicle Blocking Driveway: 1 incident.
Vehicle Theft: 5 incidents: El Gavilan Rd., Wild Lilac Way, Moraga Way.
Verbal Dispute: 3 incidents.
Walk Through: 5 incidents.
Welfare Check: 11 incidents.

DUI Misdemeanor: 3 arrests.
Possession of Controlled Substance: 1 arrest.
Possession of Dangerous Drugs: 1 arrest.
Possession of Drugs: 1 arrest.
Stolen Vehicle Recovery: 1 recovery.
Violation of Parole: 1 arrest.
Warrant Arrest: 11 arrests.

BART Statistics
No incidents reported.

For more incidents details, visit www.crimereports.com.

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