Fitness Tip – September 2020


Weight & Muscle

    Ever notice its easier to lose a bunch of weight the first time you try but more difficult the second time?
    Or you lose 10 lbs but then you can’t lose anymore?
    Often times most of what we lose when we reduce our calorie intake and increase our exercise….is muscle. Since muscle is denser than fat, it weighs more. We see this big drop in the scale. We celebrate. What we don’t realize is we have effectively reduced our metabolism, which will make it impossible to lose fat/weight. As time goes on, we realize we are gaining weight again and, unlike before, we can’t lose it. This is a very common situation.
    99% of the clients I have helped have experienced this. My advice is…throw your scale away and focus on eating and workouts that will replenish and maximize your metabolism.

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