Orinda Rotary Club Recognizes Mechanics Bank’s Contributions

(Sally Hogarty, Photographer)
Shown here (L-R) Rotary members Rodney Lal, Dick Burkhalter, Mechanics Bank VP/Branch Manager Ally Fattore, Rotary member Horst Radamacher, Mechanics Bank Executive VP Rauley Butler and Rotary President Ken Jew.

    Orinda Rotary Club recognized Mechanics Bank in Orinda Jan. 6 for its donation of $5,000. The bank has supported the club for many years, primarily helping fund the group’s Dancing with the Cars dinner/auction, which kicks-off the annual Orinda Classic Car Show. Although these events were not possible in 2020, the bank continued its support. “Our club would like to thank Executive VP Rauly Butler, VP/Branch Manager Ally Fattore and the entire Mechanics Bank organization for making this donation possible,” said Rotary President Ken Jew. “Their financial contribution will allow us to support local schools, local businesses, those less fortunate and the international community with our events, projects and donations in the future.”

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