Moser Joins OA’s Board of Directors

(Courtesy of Marianne Moser)
The Orinda Association’s newest board member, Marianne Moser, joined the organization in February and hopes to be involved with the Fourth of July and Classic Car Show.

    The Fourth of July parade and Orinda Classic Car Show are two of the events drawing The Orinda Association’s newest board member, Marianne Moser, to the organization.
    “I went to high school in a small town where Friday night football games were ‘the’ event, and the homecoming parade wound through town with the ‘royalty’ in classic cars. I love that Americana,” Moser said.
    Moser moved to Orinda in 2019 with her son Jonathan (now four-years-old) and her malamute/husky puppy Rosie. The Orinda Oaks resident immediately became active in WUDO (What’s Up Downtown Orinda), the OrindaVision Steering Committee and the Parks and Recreation Commission as a resident volunteer.
    “I’m also interested in the music events around the parade and in fundraising and bringing more music events to the park,” said Moser. “I was recently made aware that CCR (Creedence Clearwater Revival) was originally from this area and had faithful followers in the late ‘60s who went to Miramonte. I really want to play on that history – even if it’s a cover band!”
    Moser hopes to leverage her background in administration, city planning, commercial real estate development and financial planning to further the OA’s many programs and events, as well as to revitalize Orinda’s downtown and its connectivity to the city trails and parks.

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