Police Blotter – June 2021


April 1 through May 16

Calls for Service
Accident Injury: 5 incidents: Camino Pablo (3), Meadow Rd., Dairy Creek Ln.
Accident Property: 5 incidents: Tappan Ln., Camino Pablo, Overhill Way, Moraga Way, Orchard Rd.
Armed Robbery: 1 incident: El Nido Ranch Cir.
Burglary, Auto: 5 incidents: Moraga Way, Hidden Valley Rd., Irwin Way, Spring Ct., Brookwood Rd.
Burglary, Commercial: 5 incidents: Moraga Way (4), Fish Ranch Rd.
Burglary, Residential: 2 incidents: La Cuesta Rd., Watchwood Ct.
Court Order Violation: 1 incident
Death Non-Criminal: 3 incidents
Driving with Suspended/Revoked License: 1 incident
Drunk in Public: 1 incident
Extortion: 1 incident
Failure to Obey Officer: 3 incidents
Found Property: 1 incident
Forgery: 1 incident
Grand Theft: 1 incident: Moraga Way
Grand Theft from Vehicle: 2 incidents: De Soto Ct., Orinda Way
Grand Theft Vehicle Parts: 2 incidents: Camino Del Diablo, Hillcrest Dr.
Hit & Run Misdemeanor: 1 incident: Sunnyside Ln.
Missing Adult: 1 incident
Other Misdemeanor: 1 incident
Outside Assist: 2 incidents
Petty Theft: 5 incidents
Petty Theft from Vehicle: 2 incidents: Muth Dr., Bates Blvd.
Service to Citizen: 1 incident
Shoplift: 5 incidents: Camino Pablo (2), Camino Sobrante, Moraga Way (2)
Tow: 3 incidents
Vehicle Theft: 4 incidents: La Cuesta Dr., Charles Hill Cir., El Nido Ranch Rd., Fox Run

Recovered Vehicle: 2 recoveries
Warrant Arrest: 3 arrests

    The Orinda Police Department reports an increase in thefts from parked vehicles around town.
    “Often times, valuables are being taken from cars that were left unlocked,” police said in a statement. “Please help us fight crime in our community by ensuring that you do not leave any valuables in your vehicle and you lock your vehicle whenever it is unattended.”
    Police say if your door is locked, thieves checking car doors may simply move on.

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