Seniors Around Town Recognizes and Appreciates Volunteer Drivers

(Kathy Enzerink, Photographer)
The Orinda Association Board Member Cindy Powell, third from the left, joins volunteer Seniors Around Town drivers Greta Westeson, Joel Jackson and Dan Slaven at the SAT Appreciation event June 25.

    Now in its 16th year, Seniors Around Town (SAT), a free transportation/ride program of The Orinda Association (OA), recognized and celebrated volunteer drivers at an appreciation event June 25. More than 1400 rides have been provided through this program since March, 2020, 111 of which were this past June.
    “Today, we’re celebrating you, our selfless, dedicated volunteers,” said Kate Wiley, SAT co-founder. “None of this works without you.”
    In addition to providing rides to Orinda seniors, SAT started the Volunteer Emergency Support Program (VESP) in 2020 to assist with grocery shopping/home deliveries and reassurance calls. It formed a partnership with the Orinda Library to deliver books to seniors and is now fulfilling full-service ride requests.
    To the volunteers, Wiley said, “Whether you’re paying it forward or paying it back, your service is appreciated beyond words.”
    To volunteer, request a ride or make a financial donation, contact Seniors Around Town at 925.402.9506 or visit

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