Police Blotter – October 2021


Calls for Service
Accident Injury: 1 incident
Battery: 1 incident: Paintbrush Ln.
Burglary, Auto: 1 incident: Moraga Way
Burglary, Residential: 1 incident: Crest View Dr.
Carjacking: 1 incident: Orinda Way
Death Non-Criminal: 2 incidents
Elder Abuse: 1 incident
Found Property: 4 incidents
Grand Theft: 1 incident
Grand Theft from Vehicle: 2 incidents: Camino Pablo, Davis Rd.
Grand Theft Vehicle Parts: 3 incidents: Shakespeare Theater Way, Glorietta Blvd., Camino Pablo
Hit & Run Misdemeanor: 1 incident: Camino Pablo
Petty Theft: 1 incident
Petty Theft Vehicle Parts: 1 incident: Camino Pablo
Shoplift: 3 incidents: Moraga Way (3)
Tow: 1 incident
Vandalism: 1 incident
Vehicle Blocking Roadway: 1 incident
Vehicle Theft: 3 incidents: Wildcat Canyon, Lomas Cantadas, St. Stephens Dr.
Weapons Violation: 1 incident

Possession of Narcotics: 1 arrest
Possession of Controlled Firearm by Felon/Addict: 1 arrest
Recovered Vehicle: 2 recoveries

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