Car Time – November 2021


My Car Suddenly Sounds Different!

    Is there a screeching or grinding noise when you stop your vehicle? Worse yet, a grinding noise all the time? When coming to a stop, do you feel thumping in your steering wheel or seat of your pants?
    These are all indicators of failing or failed brakes that eventually will not stop your car when needed.
    Have you left your vehicle outside overnight and started it in the morning to a very loud exhaust noise?
    The last question came as the result of an actual customer’s experience. She parked her car to go grocery shopping. When done, she loaded her car and started the engine to leave. Startled by how loud the exhaust sounded, she shut it off immediately and walked over to our facility for help.
    We started the car and within seconds knew what was wrong. The catalytic convertor had been stolen while she shopped.
    Do you know how many people ignore noises or the old “Check Engine” or “Low Tire Pressure” lights? These checks, built into vehicles to help keep you and your vehicle safe, should never be ignored!
    I present these questions simply to make this important point: Listen to your car!
    You drive it daily and if something starts to sound or feel differently, pay attention. If or when this happens, seek a local repair facility with great reviews, a long warranty, ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) technicians, convenient location and service advisors who listen to you!
    It should be a place you feel comfortable patronizing because the people care about you and your car. If your current auto repair facility misses these marks, maybe you should look for one that hits those marks.
    Look for a facility that makes you feel safe and secure in your decision to use it. Price alone shouldn’t determine the choice because you are not buying the same thing from facility to facility.

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