Journey of Love Senior Crab Fest Honors the Elderly December 5

(Courtesy Candace Evans)
Journey of Love Senior Crab Fest honors the elderly Dec. 5, 3:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. in the Orinda Community Center parking lot, 28 Orinda Way. Two chefs will fly in for the event: Chef Melba Rodrigues (pictured above), owner of Chef Melba’s Bistro in Hermosa Beach and Chef Monique Walker, an elder advocate from Baltimore, MD.

    Candace Evans has a passion for helping the elderly. She attributes this to the fact that her grandparents and great grandparents raised her. Now she wants to honor them – and all the elderly – by sponsoring the “Journey of Love Senior Crab Fest,” Dec. 5.
    Proceeds for the event, held in the parking lot of the Orinda Community Center, 28 Orinda Way, from 3:30 to 7:30 p.m., will go to organizations that support the older generation.
    Evans is concerned about health risks seniors face, such as injuries, falls, chronic diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, arthritis, heart attacks, strokes and more.
    “More and more people in this population demographic will be living alone, facing risks that can threaten their independence and quality of life,” said Evans. “I want to make people aware of the problems the elderly face while emphasizing we can do something about it.”
    She added, “It is important we have agencies like our sponsors that can help older people with their problems.” 
    Evans’ company, Cleen Market, is the primary sponsor.
    Vendors for the crab fest include America’s Best Hydroponics Store, Boss-ish Health Shakes, Dr. Eboni OBGYN Health Coach and Cleen. Designated charities to receive the funds from the event are The Orinda Association, Choice in Aging and Cleen Garden.
    Chefs for the evening include celebrity chef Melba Rodrigues, owner of Chef Melba’s Bistro in Hermosa Beach and Monique Walker, an elder advocate from Baltimore.
    “Both are flying in for this event to support and provide wonderful food,” said Evans.
    As a business owner, Evans said there are specific ways for this community to help and to prosper.  
    “Small businesses can be more successful when they better understand the market dynamics and spectrum of older adults as consumers and view them more as assets rather than as ‘burdens to society,’” she said. “There is no doubt about the power of the older adult market.”
    Evans, who believes in advocacy, is a member of the Contra Costa County Advisory Council on Aging.  
    “Individuals like myself can play a huge part in advocating for programs, legislation and policies that are important to the older adult community,” said Evans. “Also, we need to inform and educate the community as to what various county, non-profit and governmental organizations have to offer.”
    The Senior Crab Fest promises both Maryland and Louisiana Blue Crab, with many side dishes. Adding to the festivities is live music by The Purple One, with a tribute to Prince. Adult tickets cost $65, senior tickets $35 and children ages 10 and under are free. There is a vegan option for $35.
    Evans, who advises the community to buy tickets early for senior and adults, added, “It is time to come together to give back to our older adult community.”
    For more information about the event, charities involved or to purchase tickets, visit or call 805.451.6156.

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