Police Blotter – February 2022


December 15 through January 15

Calls for Service
Assault with Deadly Weapon: 1 incident
Adult Missing: 2 incidents
Burglary, Auto: 3 incidents: Charles Hill Rd., Bryant Way (2)
Burglary, Residential: 6 incidents: Undisclosed (2), Crest View, Fleetwood Ct., Totterdell Ct., Beaconsfield Ct.
Death Non-Criminal: 2 incidents
Failure to Obey Officer: 2 incidents
Forgery: 1 incident
Fraud: 1 incident
Grand Theft Vehicle Parts: 2 incidents: Irwin Way, Orinda Way
Identity Theft: 3 incidents
Interfering with Public Officer: 1 incident
Medical/Hospital: 1 incident
Outside Assist: 1 incident
Petty Theft: 1 incident
Petty Theft from Vehicle: 1 incident: Las Vegas Rd.
Robbery, Strongarm: 1 incident: Irwin Way
Shoplift: 1 incident: Camino Pablo
Tow: 1 incident
Vandalism: 3 incidents
Vehicle Theft: 1 incident: Ivy Dr.

DUI Felony: 1 arrest
Possession of Narcotics: 1 arrest
Recovered Stolen Vehicle: 2 recoveries
Warrant Arrest: 1 arrest

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