Friends of the Wagner Ranch Nature Area’s New Name

(Jeff Heyman, Photographer)
President Erica Bains replants newly propagated native plant Fremontodendron Californicum (commonly known as Flannel Bush), Ceanothus and Manzanitas in the green house at the newly-renamed The Friends of Orinda Nature Area.

    The former and well-known “Friends of the Wagner Ranch Nature Area” has a new name, “The Friends of Orinda Nature Area.” Regardless, it will continue to provide the outstanding outdoor environmental education programs that have been the heritage of Orinda students for more than 40 years.
    This is a change in name only, not operations.
    The essential stage is the valuable, beautiful 18-acre site that is a separate campus of the Orinda Union School District and officially designated the Wagner Ranch Nature Area.
    The Friends, a 501(c)(3) organization independent of the School District, adopted the new name to clarify that its programs are for all the District’s schools. It is currently working with the District to resume class visits safely in the coming months.

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