Andrew Eyman Takes Ownership of the Orinda Frame Store

(Jeff Heyman, Photographer)
Andrew Eyman, new owner of Orinda Frame Store, located at 110 Village Square, said he has fresh new ideas for his store.

    Andrew Eyman, the new owner of the Orinda Frame Store, has some fresh, new ideas for the shop.
    “This isn’t the old Orinda Frame Store anymore,” said Eyman, who heralds from Walnut Creek.
    Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the old Orinda Frame Store, according to Eyman, is coming back to life step-by-step with him readying it “for realities of the 21st Century art world.” He aims to have the shop fully open this fall.
    A longtime visual artist, Eyman tries to leave no detail unnoticed.
    “Every speck of dust matters,” said Eyman. “I’m very particular about details, especially when I am framing a work of art.”
    Also particular about the store itself, he said he plans to make it “a cool, fun place for people to come to.” Eyman said he envisions the shop as a place to reflect the art world writ large, from the store’s furniture, layout, lighting and music, in short – the entire customer experience.
    Already, as Eyman readies the store for new and past customers alike, it has a hip, cool vibe with house music playing in the background and a colorful interior full of an array of    frame options.
    “My big passions are art and music; they are the two main things in my life,” he said. “I plan to have a gallery space as part of the shop with all kinds of music playing: house, film scores, classical and more.”
    Art has been a big part of Eyman’s life ever since he was a child growing up in San Francisco.
    “Art was my whole life. I used to draw all day as a kid – I still have an indent in my finger where I held the pencil,” he said.
    Receiving a scholarship to study at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, Eyman went on to the San Francisco Art Institute and then on a four-year visual arts residency in Paris. That experience, he said, “was life changing in many ways,” introducing him to a host of artistic genres and people from all over the world.
    “I got to know different art styles, from art deco to contemporary, as well as current trends in the art world,” said Eyman.
    Eyman returned home to the Bay Area in 2003 to continue his art. While putting together a portfolio at Diablo Valley College, he realized he could frame the work himself.
    “I’m good with my hands and always liked to make things,” he said.
    That talent is evidenced as Eyman showed off an experimental frame he built, illuminated with LEDs that can be programmed to change color.
    Eyman worked at Michael’s Art Supply and other frame shops, including the Orinda Frame Store, of which he took ownership on July 1.
    “This will be a high-quality, custom frame shop,” he said.
    Located at 110 Village Square, the Orinda Frame Store opens this fall. It’s currently taking special orders. For more information, email

Jeff Heyman can be reached at

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