ONE Launches Alumni Association

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ONE Executive Director, Emily Allen’s extended family includes lots of multi-generational Matadors. Front row (L-R) Jeff Allen, Matea Araya and Tiago Araya (mom is Corinne Allen, not pictured, class of 2002). Second Row (L-R) Hayden Dorstel, Lindsay Allen Dorstel (class of 2008), Gemma Leach (class of 2023), Vivi Leach (class of 2026), Emily Allen, Brad Allen (class of 2000). Back row (L-R) Jane Allen (class of 1973) and Marcus Dorstel.

    Orinda is known for its excellent schools and close-knit community. Both are soon to become stronger.
    Members of the Orinda Network for Education (ONE) are launching the Miramonte Alumni High School Association or MatsNation ( this month, the first such group for graduates and affiliates.
    “We have an unbelievable tradition of alumni and community support at Miramonte and in Orinda, but until now there was no organization or coordination around it. This is an attempt to really bring it all together,” said Ben Campopiano, principal at Miramonte and a co-founder of MatsNation.
    Campopiano, alongside Emily Allen, executive director of ONE, joined forces to form MatsNation to provide a digital and in-person network to engage current and former Miramonte students, as well as local supporters.
    The two envision the association as being a resource which highlights alumni achievements and connects students with recent graduates as well as more established alumni who may offer college and career advice and assist with networking in their field.
    “How cool would it be to search on our website, say if you want to become a lawyer, to be able to search ‘lawyer’ and have alumni pop up? You can see where they went to college, reach out and ask questions and the alum gets to mentor students,” said Allen. “I think it’s just an amazing opportunity for both students and alumni. It’s a way to give back.”
    The site features a blog, volunteer opportunities, events and monthly email updates with news and information on subjects of interest to alumni.
    MatsNation was introduced in Miramonte’s class of 2023’s graduation program via a QR code which linked to the website. Allen said, “We’re really excited about the response even though we haven’t officially launched.”
    The group has more than 5,000 alumni in the database and they are sending out invitations to join.
    Dana Wentworth, from the class of ‘93 said, “This platform will be really helpful, especially for those who are not on social media like me – having kind of this tracking, connectivity system, this nexus would really benefit the community.”
    Like many Miramonte alumni, Wentworth has her own informal network, including her mother, class of ‘60, and her daughter, who is a rising junior.
    Allen’s family also includes Matadors from past and present classes. “My husband, his mother and her 12 siblings all graduated from Miramonte. Our daughter graduated this year and our other daughter will graduate in three years,” she said. “It’s cool seeing how many multi-generational alumni there are.”
    Campopiano is eager to host former grads on campus through presentations, visits, guest speakers, panels, and of course, reunions.
“Everyone will benefit from the coordination of our alumni base and bringing them back to Miramonte so they can share their experiences,” he said.
    As an extension of ONE, MatsNation will continue its fundraising efforts for Orinda public schools in any areas deemed necessary, according to Allen.
    “When I look at this I think, our Orinda students have had such an amazing opportunity because of organizations like ONE,” said Allen. “[MatsNation] allows you to feel like you could give back to the community that launched … you.”

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