OA Message – October 2023


40/20 Campaign

    I am a long-time Orinda resident and have enjoyed being a member of The Orinda Association (OA) board for 19 years. Since 1946, the OA has fostered community involvement through its events and programs. Our Seniors Around Town (SAT) program arranges for Orinda residents to drive their senior neighbors to doctors’ and other important appointments and we host the two largest community events in Orinda – the July 4th Parade and the Orinda Classic Car Show. We encourage community members to work and celebrate 
    When an organization has been around as long as the OA, there are some pretty impressive milestones to celebrate. Next year, we will host the 40th July 4th Parade and the 20th Classic Car Show.  Our 40/20 Campaign is designed to help raise the funds needed to produce these events and to engage community volunteers to mark these special milestones.
    This year we revived the tradition of using student artwork for the official Parade and Car Show T-shirts. We had amazing participation from grades K through 12 and the T-shirts sold-out for both events.
    Encouraging students and families to participate in community events is another goal of The Orinda Association. Opportunities to volunteer together provide a way to bridge our neighborhood and age gaps, alleviate stress and offer social connections, all making our town an even better place to live. Sign up to help with the Parade or Car Show next year.
Your financial support helps! Every donation, no matter the size, has a meaningful impact on our programs and events. Join the 40/20 Campaign by using the envelope enclosed in this issue’s paper or by scanning our QR code on this page.
    Coming up on 20 years with the OA board, I realize I am not pining for days gone by, but appreciating Orinda just as it is, a small town with a big heart.

Cindy Powell can be reached at cindy@orindaassociation.org.

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