New Student Center Slated for Miramonte



Staff Writer

When students at Miramonte High School return to school next fall, they will find a new Student Center designed and constructed just for them along the lines of college student unions.

The work is being done this summer in classroom space previously used for art classes. Plans are for the Center, according to Associate Principal Jan Carlson, to be open all day for students to relax, talk, receive peer tutoring, meet friends, have a quiet space or play games. Further, if interested or needed, students may consult with resident professional intervention specialists who deal with social, emotional and physical health aspects of students.

This type of Student Center has already been implemented at Las Lomas and Campolindo. Acalanes will also complete its own Center after Miramonte’s. Other summer work scheduled at Miramonte includes providing electrical wiring improvements and renovating spaces for moved classrooms.

No summer school will be held this year at Miramonte because all summer school for the Acalanes District will be held at Campolindo.

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