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Technology in the Classroom:
Beneficial or a Nuisance?

I remember talking to my friends in the hallways during freshman year, and it would feel like the weight of the world was on my shoulders. And no, I’m not talking about academic stress: the weight was quite literal, and it came from carrying my 100-pound backpack — my trustworthy, teal Jansport with its compartments filled with an array of binders and books. that I lugged to each of my seven classes.

Upon walking through the classroom doors, there would be the usual sight of worksheets distributed to each desk, which we would then spend the class time filling out. Flash forward four years later to my senior year, and the routine has changed rather drastically. First, I have technology to thank for a remarkably lighter backpack since my laptop replaces the weight of countless books and bulky binders. Yet more importantly, Miramonte as a whole has quickly adapted using innovative methods of connecting the staff and student body. Class worksheets are filled out and turned in electronically on Google Classroom, and a good portion of exams (even some finals) are taken on our Illuminate student portal. Since being introduced back when I was in eighth grade, School Loop has become an indispensable medium for student-teacher communication.
It’s fair to say the majority of students would agree that it is now fundamentally worse to forget your laptop than a textbook or binder at home. Within the past couple of years, Miramonte’s BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy has revolutionized the efficiency of teaching methods used in the classroom, with many of the platforms designed to provide quick feedback and greater transparency when it comes to grades.
Still, with the increased use of technology comes the issue of cheating and learning distractions. Upon coming back from summer vacation this year, it’s hard to miss that teachers — more than ever before — are now using phone pockets to hold devices for the entirety of the period. While the constant influx of new technology at Miramonte undoubtedly provides us powerful learning tools, it goes without saying that, as students, we have a responsibility to utilize them responsibly and keep in mind that our devices are a

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