Letters to the Editor, November 2018


Michael Donner for MOFD Board
    I have known Michael Donner for over a decade and am continually astonished at his commitment to his community and the people around him. It is a “hands on” kind of commitment that changes lives, not the kind of service that expects to be noticed or has titles. His energy and positivity is seemingly endless.
    When I met Michael, he was a coach for my son, a role he would continue for years to come. Not just any coach, a person you want your child to learn from because he went beyond baseball and taught the boys how to be gentleman. His service ranges from the voluntary mentoring of a neighborhood autistic boy, to driving for seniors, to a massive overhaul and update to the school district’s emergency preparedness plan. He has raised ten’s of thousands of dollars for our schools and has served for over 14 years on the board of a non-profit called Random Acts of Kindness, a title that I think says it all.
    He will not offer this information, but it doesn’t take much digging to discover the kind of heroic service he was known for in his 30 years of service as a firefighter. He was there for the Oakland Hills Fire, and the ‘91 Earthquake, and he was one of the first volunteers on a plane to New York heading toward the danger after that fateful attack 17 years ago.
    But Michael’s heroism here in Orinda comes in small consistent doses and it has for years. If you are lucky enough to do a project with him, sit on a nonprofit board with him, or simply need and ask for his expertise, you will never be disappointed.
    He is kind, smart and reliable. People gravitate toward Michael, he will be a strong negotiator and an honest representative for us during this time of uncertainty where the real risk of fire continues to escalate.
    I can tell you that Michael’s message for this election, safety first, fiscal responsibility and community empowerment, are the very values that he lives his life by.
    Vote for Michael Donner for Fire Board Director District 4.
– Lara Dutto

Endorse Worth and Fay
    I am enthusiastically endorsing Amy Worth and Dennis Fay in the upcoming Orinda City Council election. Amy has ably served on the Council for a number of years and Dennis is seeking a spot on the Council for the first time. I have worked with both Amy and Dennis in various capacities and know from first-hand experience that they are hardworking, thoughtful, sensible individuals with good judgment and whose only agendas will be to do what is right for Orinda. Please join me in voting for Amy and Dennis.
– Bill Judge

Support Mike Donner
    I am writing in support of Mike Donner for the MOFD Board of Director seat in Division 4. We have known Michael for 14 years and he is an incredible human being, charitable, community-oriented, and dedicated to serving Orinda. I cannot say enough about Michael and his abilities to serve on the MOFD Board of Directors.
    Mike has served an entire career as a firefighter for the Oakland Fire Department. Mike has served in catastrophic events such as the Loma Prieta Earthquake, the Oakland Hills Fire, 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina.
    In addition to all these lifetime accomplishments, Mike Donner has worked with local schools to improve preparation for disasters, is an awarded coach for youth sports, and sits on the Oakland Firefighter’s Cancer Prevention Foundation. Mike Donner is clearly the most qualified candidate with a proven background in community servitude. Please join me in voting Mike Donner to the MOFD Division 4 board of director seat.
– Brian and Laura Millham

Mike Donner – Career Firefighter
    I am writing in support of Mike Donner for the MOFD Board of Director seat in Division 4.  Mike has served an entire career as a firefighter for the Oakland Fire Department. Mike has served in catastrophic events such as the Loma Prieta Earthquake, the Oakland Hills Fire, 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina.
    In addition to all these lifetime accomplishments, Mike Donner has worked with local schools to improve preparation for disasters, is an awarded coach for youth sports, and sits on the Oakland Firefighter’s Cancer Prevention Foundation. I personally have coached sports with him on multiple occasions and not only does he bring his hard work ethic but the spirit of competition and fairness in everything he does. We could be very lucky to have him serving our community. Please join me in voting Mike Donner to the MOFD Division 4 board of director seat!
–Scott Mollahan

Will Insure Public Safety
    We are writing in support of Michael Donner who is running for the Moraga-Orinda Fire Department Board of Directors in District 4. We can say without reservation that Michael will be a tireless director who is committed to planning for and insuring public fire safety. In these times of severe fire events, Michael brings his 30 years of experience to protect our community.
    We have known Michael for over 10 years and have seen him work in numerous volunteer capacities.  When we first met him, he was making sure our family had a plan for fire evacuation in our home and what we should do when we traveled.  Some examples of his community involvement are: visiting kids classes and educating our youth on fire safety, managing Glorietta Elementary’s Emergency Response shelter and the Great ShakeOut earthquake drills. He has also worked as a coach, and a board member of the non-profit, Random Acts, for over 14 years.  
    He is a committed community member, an amazing parent and a steadfast volunteer.  Our community should be so lucky to have him on the Board.
– Julianne & Chris Viadro

Sometimes You Just Need A Good Guy: Truth, honesty, transparency.
    Sometimes you just need a good guy who will look after our best interests. Nick Kosla, running for City Council, is just that guy. I have known Nick since high school (the magical class of 1995 that includes several current members on the Council, and other successful classmates) and have always thought highly of him and his abilities to get things done in a pragmatic and polite way. Truth, honesty, transparency, and respect for the rule of law are concepts that have defined us as a nation for the past 200 years. These qualities have always been a part of Nick’s character. We need to get back to our core values; and Mr. Kosla will provide sensible leadership, bridge philosophical and political divides and enable us to continue to live up to our being recognized as the second friendliest city in America. Finding a consensus, a middle ground, on thorny issues is what he does best. Let’s give him the opportunity to apply these valuable traits. Please join us in voting into office a truly capable and good guy…Nick Kosla for City Council.
– Richard Westin

Vote Lucy Talbot Best Choice for MOFD
    We strongly support Lucy Talbot for MOFD because:
    She cares about our community as clearly demonstrated by her long-time and varied service and commitment to staying informed and involved in local issues and in supporting our schools and our broader community for decades.
    She understands and is focused on the key challenges faced by the district such as managing unfunded pension and retirement medical liabilities; improving emergency response times; and developing comprehensive fire prevention programs.
    Lucy is passionate and has the experience and ability to work in a complex environment to solve the challenges at hand. Please join us in supporting Lucy Talbot for MOFD.
– Maureen Wilbur and Jim Cunha

Vote for Danziger
    I heartily endorse Steve Danziger for Moraga-Orinda Fire District 3. I’ve known Steve since he was scoutmaster of my son’s troop 16 years ago. Steve is genuine, honest and extremely capable with a great sense of humor. He has over 20 years of public service experience, including as an administrative manager with the Oakland Fire Department and has the knowledge and the background to hit the ground running. His goals include, but are not limited to, maintaining and enhancing fire safety, being fiscally responsible and accountable and strengthening relationships with the staff and the community. He will bring a knowledge, passion and experience that will help guide MOFD into the future. If you are in District 3, I urge you to vote for Steve Danziger on or before November 6.
– Susie Epstein

Vote for Amy Worth
    Please join me in voting for Amy Worth for Orinda City Council on Nov. 6, 2018. I had the pleasure of serving with Amy on the Orinda City Council, and I know her to be smart, thoughtful, respectful and a problem-solver. From planning new playing fields and tot lots, to providing books and supplies for Orinda’s fine public library, to working with our schools to support student safety, to fixing Orinda’s roads and storm drains, Amy has worked tirelessly to enhance our civic life in Orinda. Amy also works for Orindans at the regional level, ensuring that we receive excellent recycling and garbage services, and that scarce State and Federal transportation dollars are allocated to meet our transportation needs. It is due to Amy’s strong advocacy that the fourth bore of the Caldecott Tunnel was built to increase our safety and ease our commutes!
    Please vote for Amy Worth for Orinda City Council so that she can continue to serve our community.
– Victoria Smith

Michael Donner for MOFD
    I am writing in support of Michael Donner for the MOFD Board of Director seat in Division 4.  I have known Michael for 15 years since my son was in kindergarten with his son. He has been involved in the community and has done everything from creating and painting Glorietta Gopher yard signs to serving pizza for our firefighters during the Ghost Ship fire and clean-up.
    Michael has served his entire career as a firefighter for the Oakland Fire Department. Over the years, Michael has become very passionate about emergency preparedness in our community.  Throughout his 30-plus year career he has been to many major disasters. After returning from New York for 911, Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana and the Loma Prieta Earthquake he realized there was an information void in Orinda.  He worked with local schools to store emergency supplies. He collaborated with FEMA professionals to speak to the community on how to prepare for disaster.
    Michael is a positive, passionate and motivated person that gets things done.  He will make sound decisions and bring much needed fire experience to the board.  Based on Michael’s extensive experience in the fire service, his years of volunteering to prepare our community for a disaster and his dedication to the community, there is no doubt that he is the best choice for the job.  
    Please join me in voting Michael Donner to the MOFD Division 4 Board of Director seat!
– Amy Schioldager

It Just Takes Two!
    Eve Phillips has been a breath of fresh air on the Orinda City Council and deserves re-election. Ms. Phillips listens to Orinda citizens and gets things done. There is no hidden agenda. As mayor, she expedited the successful resolution of the Miner Road sinkhole disaster, solidified the city manager position, secured a downtown economic development study from National Main Street Center, oversaw City Council approval of the proposed commercial development across from the library, and championed the importance of maintaining local control over land use matters, in the face of regional government advocates in Sacramento. All too often, however, Ms. Phillips has been on the short end of 4-1 or 3-1 council votes. Please re-elect Ms Phillips and let’s give her some help!
    Kathleen Jenkins is a skilled contract negotiator, who has attended and participated in Orinda City Council meetings for years. Ms. Jenkins knows the issues. Ms. Jenkins knows how to get value for your buck and has the same commitment to listening to Orinda citizens, as Ms. Phillips. Do the right thing and let’s get the Orinda City Council better dialed-in to Orinda citizens.
    Your vote matters. Thank you.
– Owen Murphy

Support for Dennis Fay
    I am writing to express my strong support for Dennis Fay for Orinda’s City Council. I’ve gotten to know Dennis as someone who listens respectfully, weighs decisions logically, and in the end just gets things done. We are extremely lucky to have people like him willing to give their time and expertise for the betterment of our city. I grew up in Orinda and am now raising my three girls in this lovely community – I put my full faith in Dennis Fay to represent us all on the City Council. Please vote for Dennis!
– Arran Schultz

Thank You, Amy Worth
    We have lived in Orinda and Lafayette for 52 years, the most recent 33 years in Orinda. We are grateful for the quality of Orinda’s local government. We urge our fellow Orindans to vote to reelect Amy Worth.
• Orinda has been financially well-managed and remains one of only a few California cities without an unfunded pension liability, allowing us to use all of our revenues to fund current services;
• Orinda has creatively found a mix of outside grants, county and local sales tax revenues and bond proceeds to maintain our infrastructure;
• Orinda built and secured long-term funding for our wonderful Orinda Library;
• Orinda is one of the safest cities in California, with a City Council that pays close attention to public safety and partnership with our Fire District;
• Orinda’s leaders have been dedicated to increasing the vitality of our downtown areas while preserving the semi-rural character of our residential areas;
• Orinda has accomplished these and many other priorities by being led by City Councilmembers in an open, transparent, thoughtful, collaborative way – attentive to community priorities.
    Amy Worth deserves great credit and our gratitude for her years of service. We count on Amy to keep up the great work. Amy has our enthusiastic support in the November elections.
– Bob Fisher

I support Dennis, Nick, and Amy (“DNA”) for Orinda City Council
    I will cast my three votes for Dennis Fay, Nick Kosla, and Amy Worth for City Council. Each candidate brings a different type of valuable experience needed to address the critical issues facing Orinda.
    Dennis Fay is a retired transportation engineer with years of service on Orinda’s Citizens Infrastructure Oversight Commission (CIOC) which has overseen the renewal of our public roads.
    Nick Kosla is an expert in municipal zoning regulations and entitlement law and has served as chair of the Orinda’s Planning Commission.
    Amy Worth is respected for her many years of service on the Council and her connections and influence on regional bodies whose decisions affect Orinda.
    All three candidates will listen closely to citizen views and through long residency in Orinda understand Orinda’s values and the quality of life that we all want for ourselves, our children and future generations.
    Please join me in voting for Dennis Fay, Nick Kosla, and Amy Worth for Orinda City Council.
– Bob Burt

Endorse Anderson for MOFD Board
    Steve Anderson is a critical element of the MOFD Board where he has served the community for six years. He is smart, does his homework studying the issues, asking good questions, getting the answers and developing policy that works. I served on the MOFD Board for 17 years and during that time worked with several different boards.
    We didn’t always agree but worked together to develop and deliver a very high level of service professionally delivered both in the field and at the board. In my time with Steve on the board, he demonstrated all the best attributes, and it was a pleasure to work with him.
    The current environment on the board is troubling. I am afraid the high level of service the district has provided is at risk by a board that does not look to balance budget and service. Steve’s leadership is needed for the board to provide the stability, history, work ethic and direction that will best serve our community. Please join with me to support Steve Anderson for Director of Division 3 of your MOFD.
– John Wyro

Support Rebecca Bauer-Kahan
    As an Orinda resident for over 30 years and an environmental scientist for almost 40, I used to take BART into the city for my commute. However, I have seen BART get more and more crowded, dirtier and less safe, as BART’s infrastructure has just not kept up with the exponential growth in the East Bay. As our housing crisis increases and affordable housing gets pushed further and further from the job hub in the city, our transportation problems have gotten exponentially worse. Our local Orinda roads are getting choked and polluted, as well, due to increased traffic in the area. I have seen cars exit Highway 24, head up to East Altarinda Drive and drive through Orinda Woods, merely to avoid the highway traffic. We need to prioritize our improving public transportation options, not just for commuting, but to get people out of their cars and improve the air quality in Orinda. Rebecca Bauer-Kahan has pledged to accomplish these issues. She gets my vote.
– Dr. Booker Holton

Vote for Rebecca Bauer-Kahan
    When my children were small, our Orinda pediatrician would ask me every year during their well-checks, “Do you have a gun in the house?” right before he asked whether my kids wore helmets while riding their bikes. As a mother, these were two non-negotiable issues for me. Our city wisely considered in October an innovative gun storage ordinance that increases the safety of our children and adults. We need more than new laws, however. We need gun-sense candidates in office working hard to ensure that these local and state gun control laws are carried out. Otherwise, these laws will have no teeth. Assembly candidate Rebecca Bauer-Kahan is emphatic in her pledge to support and carry out gun control laws. My kids’ pediatrician would wholeheartedly approve of Orindans electing her to office on Nov. 6.
– Carol Larsen

Chris Severson a Strong Advocate for Education
    As a current school board member on the Orinda Union School Board, I know that school board trustees must have the ability to listen to all viewpoints, to work together collaboratively and to always keep in mind the best interests of the students. Chris Severson embodies these qualities and deserves your vote in November for Governing Board Member of the Acalanes Union High School District.
    Chris has been a strong advocate for public education for many years. He has the benefit of experience — Chris served for four years with me on the board of the Orinda Union School District from 2010-2014. As a fellow trustee, Chris always acted with the utmost integrity, and always kept the focus on what’s best for students. Chris was instrumental in helping lead the district during the financial crisis and, as a result, the district was able to weather that storm with minimal impact on students in the classroom. Moreover, as an emergency room physician, Chris knows how important health and wellness are to student success and intends to bring a focus on those issues with him to his role as trustee.
    Chris will not only provide a voice for the Orinda community on the board, he will also bring balance. The high school district is composed of schools in four communities: Orinda, Moraga, Lafayette and Walnut Creek. Since Governing Board Member Susie Epstein is not seeking re-election, there will no longer be an Orinda resident on the high school board unless Chris is elected. Despite the fact that Chris lives in Orinda, he will bring a uniquely balanced perspective to this role. Chris has children who attend or have attended Miramonte, Acalanes and Campolindo high schools.
    Chris is committed to maintaining and improving upon the excellent education our high schools provide. I urge you to vote for Chris Severson for Governing Board Member of the Acalanes Union High School District.
– Julie Rossiter

Vote for Jenkins and Phillips
    I write to endorse Kathleen Jenkins and Eve Phillips for Orinda City Council. Here’s why.
    One of the most important issues facing Orinda is the future of our two downtowns. Of the five candidates running for the three seats that are at stake in this election, only Kathy and Eve have committed that any new development must be subject to the current height and density limits, and parking requirements. The other candidates have only made vague statements about preserving our village character.
    Kathy and Eve have been the subject of false accusations that they are opposed to new development. Nothing could be further from the truth. Eve was the only member of the City Council to vote in favor of the conditional use permit for the two uses sought by the owner of 25A Orinda Way, across from the library. Kathy spoke out publicly in support of that project. See the minutes of the June 6, 2017 Council meeting. https:llcityoforinda.app. box.comlv/citycouncilmeetings/file/213 807886615 Kathy and Eve, unlike the other candidates, have not made a career of working for the bureaucracy or working as consultants to developers. They bring a breath of fresh air. Eve was the only member of the current Council to vote against the recent $250,000 streetscape consultant contract. http://www.lamorindaweekly.comlarchive/issue 1209IEisen-Letunic-wins-streetscape-master-plan-contract.htrnl. Kathy has gone on record as in favor of fiscal responsibility and fewer consultants. Please vote for Kathleen Jenkins and Eve Phillips for Orinda City Council.
– Nick Waranoff

Eve and Kathleen are an Easy Choice
    Like many Orindans, my wife and I attended the City Council Forum to hear positions and responses to questions from the five candidates. We thought the moderator did a good job asking a variety questions that the audience submitted. She asked enough pertinent questions to clarify roughly two distinctive perspectives among the candidates.
    As a long term resident, active in volunteering and political affairs, I am concerned with maintaining our excellent schools (presumably all candidates are), safety, quality neighborhoods and the semi-rural character of Orinda, the basis of our General Plan. For those questioning “semi-rural character,” refer to the General Plan, (https://www.cityoforinda.org/269/General-Plan-Housing-Element Sections 1,2,4,5). Semi-rural character includes the idea of “organic development” – projects like the Montessori school, which would have been located in the old abandoned Phairs building site, that along with dozens of young mothers I strongly supported, and projects like Bella Oaks, which would have been across from the library. In both cases, the developers went to great measures to comply with the General Plan and Orinda’s municipal code, including height and volume requirements. The City Council at the time (except for incumbent Eve Phillips who supported Bella Oaks) killed both of these projects. Eve Phillips and Kathleen Jenkins, whom I know well, favor an “organic development” approach to improve Orinda’s downtown, and make it more vibrant.
    Listening to candidates Dennis Fay and Nick Kosla, I got the opposite impression and am troubled by their perspective. Both said they viewed Orinda’s General Plan as a living document. Both seemed less concerned with preserving Orinda’s semi-rural character. Nick Kosla, thought the downtown should be more centralized. This approach reminds me of The Urban Land Institute recommendations. Those recommendations focus on ”housing as the value enhancer” theme (to fund the development). As mentioned in their presentation, ULI recommended 240 new downtown condos, in six new buildings, with a six-story building height. This seriously violates our general plan and semi-rural character let alone numerous other problems. My take away from they City Council Forum is that candidates Dennis Fay and Nick Kosla are in accord with this kind of vision for the downtown.
    Of course, these are my generalizations. But for me, they are sufficiently clear that voting for Kathleen Jenkins and incumbent Eve Phillips is the best move for Orinda. Be sure to vote. It’s your city.
– Chris Kniel

Amy Worth’s Experience Will Help Orinda
    In the current political environment, it is easy to feel that our elected representatives should change for the sake of change. However, some leaders only get better with time. Amy Worth of Orinda is one of those leaders. Over and over, she has shown vision and clear decision-making capabilities as Orinda grapples with crumbling infrastructure, downtown revitalization and regional housing and transportation issues.
    Her strong relationships with local, state and national leaders help Orinda on an on-going basis. When our city needs something, she knows whom to contact and they always respond. As a member of the Metropolitan Transit Authority, she is in a unique position to help drive the right balance between local and regional transportation planning interests and to help Orinda leverage regional programs.
    Our community is fortunate that Amy has chosen to give her time and energy to us, rather than to the many other opportunities that she has. I look forward to voting for her for Orinda City Council and hope that others will, as well.
– Paula Reinman

Nick Kosla For Orinda City Council
    I was fortunate to grow up in Orinda and return with my husband to raise our own family here. While there is so much to love about Orinda, there is much more work to be done to keep our beloved town thriving. This is why I am thrilled that Nick Kosla is running for City Council. Nick also grew up in Orinda, married his high school sweetheart, Larissa, and returned to raise their family here. Nick knows and respects Orinda’s history, but also understands that growth and improvement are necessary to secure the future of our town. As former chair of the Orinda Planning Commission, Nick has the experience needed to help revitalize downtown Orinda and bring in additional restaurants and shops. Please join me in voting for Nick for Orinda City Council on Nov. 6, 2018.
– Regina Gordon

Bauer-Kahan Gets My Vote
    As an attorney, I pride myself on being able to sift through inconsistent facts and assertions; I search for hard evidence that will lead me to the truth.
    I am the recipient of multiple mailers from Catherine Baker that severely distort the truth about her record on environmental protection. The California League of Conservation Voters carefully tallied up all of Baker’s votes and gave her a low grade on environmental issues. I am particularly repelled by Baker’s slanderous television ad implying that Bauer-Kahan has taken bribes from lobbyists. The ad is almost identical to the one she ran against her opponent in 2016. I need a candidate who share my values on environmental protection and basic human decency. Baker had demonstrated a lack of decency in her disgusting attacks on Bauer-Kahan. Democrat Rebecca Bauer-Kahan gets my vote!
– Elaine Gerstler, Esq.

Trump Cannot Let Big Business “Trump” the Environment
    This is a frightening time when the Trump Administration is putting big business interests over the protection of wildlife and a clean environment, in spite of the warnings of reliable climate science. It is vital that we have someone representing our Assembly District who will fight 100 percent of the time for critical issues like (1) healthy classrooms free of chemical-based cleaners and (2) protecting people, our parks and wildlife. Catherine Baker may espouse her willingness to cross the aisle for our environment, but when I checked her record myself, it is far far less than 100 percent. Baker voted against support for local agencies to use water more efficiently (AB1668), against setting new pollution limits for big polluters exploiting “cap and trade” (AB378), against providing state funds to the low-income communities most harmed by pollution (AB523), and against mandating that all new developments undergo environmental review (AB890). I cannot support a record like that, so I will be voting for Rebecca Bauer-Kahan for a healthy future for all of our children and grandchildren.
– Susan Forman

Why We Need Local School Facilities Funding
    As a parent and school board member, I wanted to share reasons to support Orinda Schools Measures E & I on the November ballot. These measures are a culmination of careful planning and respond to economic realities. Old Schools: Most Orinda classrooms remain essentially unchanged since I attended our schools in the 1980s. We can no longer pretend that 40-60 year old facilities are charming – they are downright alarming. Lafayette, Moraga and Walnut Creek have all passed school bond measures for facilities improvements within the last five years. We haven’t asked Orinda for a K-8 school improvement measure for nearly 25 years.
    Low State Funding: Recently released testing scores confirm our teaching quality is among the highest in the state. Yet changes in the state’s funding formula make our district among the lowest funded by the state. State bond funds for construction are not available to Orinda. Since the last recession, your local school board has focused on maintaining academic excellence. Now we must turn to our facilities.
    Why Two Measures? We truly wish we could have offered one measure. Our new Master Facilities Plan identified nearly twice as much to accomplish than Measures E & I ask for. Working with a committee of local residents, we pared back the project list to what we think is essential for 21st Century schools. We have financed solar power and used available funds for pilot projects like efficient “green” modular buildings. Our future plans focus on remodeling, innovation and outdoor education, rather than expensive new building. We have been transparent and diligent and ask for support for both Measures E & I.
    Local Funding: Measures E & I support academic instruction and upgrade campus safety and infrastructure. Every penny will be overseen by a citizens’ oversight committee and independent financial audits. Even if you don’t have school-age children, your support protects high local home values and our reputation as a community that cares deeply about education for students of all abilities. Parents, private support and other local sources account for one-third of our funding. We simply can’t have great schools without YOU.
    Please, take a look at our campuses, our plan, and facts concerning scarce state funding and join your unanimous school board, teachers and local organizations supporting our 21st Century facilities vision with a Yes vote on both E & I!
– Jason Kaune Eve

Phillips Won’t Improve Downtown Orinda!
    First-term city council member Eve Phillips has consistently refused to revisit the core land use rules that have left our downtown in a state of deterioration, disuse and dereliction. She was the sole vote against even starting a conversation on downtown, instead hoping that the approval of a few new businesses in our dilapidated buildings might somehow revitalize downtown. Perhaps these outlier positions are why she lists no endorsements from any current or past City Councilmembers, who otherwise endorse Dennis Fay, Nick Kosla and Amy Worth. Ms. Phillips is out of step with Orindans and won’t offer the leadership we need to bring downtown back.
– Sandi Balonick

Bauer-Kahan Operates with Integrity
    I have known Rebecca Bauer-Kahan for years, as a friend, a fellow parent, and a valued member of our community. She’s a person of character with a strong moral compass. I have watched her stand up to injustice and fight for what’s right on multiple occasions. She operates with integrity, always. Simply said, she’s the kind of person I want representing me.
    In this election, our values matter more than ever before. The Trump Administration has done things completely antithetical to American values, like instituting a ban on Muslims entering our country and separating children from their families at our border. Only one candidate running for Assembly has stood up to Trump time after time—and that’s Rebecca Bauer-Kahan. When the Administration announced the Muslim ban, Rebecca rushed to SFO to coordinate legal services for those impacted. As the granddaughter of Holocaust survivors, Rebecca recognizes the obligation she has to provide refugees and immigrants the same opportunities for the American Dream that her grandparents had. I know Rebecca will continue to fight the Administration’s anti-immigrant policies, including ensuring state resources aren’t used to enforce these policies or to divide children from their parents.
    We need an Assembly member with integrity who will fight for what’s right every time. I’m voting for Rebecca Bauer-Kahan for Assembly, and I hope my fellow Orindans will join me.
– Tamara Ireland Stone

Support Danziger
    We are writing to support Steven Michael Danziger for Moraga Orinda Fire District Board of Directors in District 3. We have known Steven for 20 years and he has always been a passionate community volunteer and dedicated public servant.
    He is presently an Orinda Parks and Recreation Commissioner, Art in Public Places Committee Member and UC Master Gardener, who often is at the Moraga Farmer’s Market talking with people about plants and gardening. In past years, Steven was Scoutmaster of Troop 57, Den Leader of Pack 52, OBA Coach, OYA Basketball and Soccer Coach and VP of the Miramonte Swim Club.
    Steven is the only candidate in District 3 who has any fire service or governmental experience. Steven has over three decades of public service experience including 20 years as an Administrative Services Manager with the Oakland Fire Department. In that capacity, he was responsible for personnel, payroll, Workers’ Compensation management, employee health programs, managing the automated staffing system, budgeting, recruitment, testing and more. Besides the fire department,he worked in the Oakland finance and city manager’s office.
    Steven also worked for the National Park Service and had the dream job of Yosemite Park Archeologist for several years. He has a Master’s in Public Administration and is a Certified Public Sector HR Manager.
    We believe that Steven’s experience, leadership, responsiveness and passion for public service will benefit a Board that is mostly made up of people from the private business world. Steven knows the Fire Service and has told us how proud and honored he is to be endorsed and supported by the local firefighters. Steven has been endorsed by over 20 current or retired Bay Area Fire Chiefs!
    We know Steven and feel confident he will work hard in the best interests of the community. Steven’s long history of public service and volunteering sets him apart from the other candidates and we have great confidence in recommending him. We are proud of our friend and ask you to vote for him because he will help make our community safer. Please vote for Steven Michael Danziger on Nov. 6, 2018. Thank you in advance for your consideration.
– Kelly and Greg Fernbacher

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