Miramonte Boosters Launch New Sponsorship Program


    This year the Miramonte Boosters Club is introducing a new sponsorship program and reaching out to local businesses to invite them to participate. In return for a sponsorship, the Boosters Club will list a business as a key supporter on their website and in all club communications. In addition, a participating business will receive a “Proud Supporter” window cling to display at their storefront. The cost of an annual business sponsorship is $500.
    The Miramonte Boosters Club is a nonprofit organization that helps support the needs of every Miramonte sports team by purchasing equipment and large capital items such as sound systems, bleachers, weights and scoreboards. In addition, the club funds an athletic trainer to help ensure the safety of the athletes and a strength coach to develop and monitor workouts. Club representatives point to the organization’s many achievements and the resulting benefit to Miramonte’s sports teams, crediting the hard work of their volunteers for those contributions.
    Miramonte High School was founded in 1955 and sports have played an important role in the student experience ever since. There are over 25 teams at Miramonte and nearly 800 students play at least one sport each year. Miramonte receives very little funding from the district for their athletic program so the school relies heavily on donations from parents, alumni and community members and the support of organizations like the Booster Club.
    For more information on the Booster Club’s business sponsorship program, please visit: www.miramonteboostersclub.com/business.

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