Downtown Streetscape Workshop on Jan. 29


    On Tuesday, Jan. 29 at 6:30 p.m. at the Library Auditorium, the City of Orinda will conduct ConnectOrinda Downtown Streetscape Master Plan Workshop. This workshop will be an opportunity for Orinda residents to discuss and provide feedback on a list of potential ConnectOrinda projects, which have been created based on survey comments and staff and consultant input. At this stage, the list of potential projects is quite long, and the feedback received at the workshop will help the City Council decide which projects should be included in the final ConnectOrinda Streetscape Master Plan.
    The Jan. 29 workshop will include:

• A presentation by staff and the consultant team to the City Council regarding the projects under consideration, including how they were arrived at based on community input.

• A break-out workshop session where participants can review and provide feedback on the projects under consideration, which will be depicted on several large maps, with staff and consultants present at each “map station” to answer questions. The workshop will include a format for participants to indicate which projects they want to see included in the final plan.

• After the breakout session, an opportunity for public comments to the City Council as well as remarks by Councilmembers. The City Council will not be asked to take any actions or make any recommendations at this meeting.

    Previously, Connect Orinda held a launch event on Oct. 13 to explain the scope of the project and solicit community input. A third workshop, entitled “ConnectOrinda Celebration” will take place in the spring of 2019. At this meeting, staff and consultants will provide detailed information on the projects the City Council has selected for inclusion in the Streetscape Master Plan.
    For more information, contact Planning Director Drummond Buckley at

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