Local Editor Takes on New Role

(Charlie Jarrett, Photographer)
After 25 years with The Orinda News, Sally Hogarty has transitioned to a new role as executive editor.

    This month marks major changes for The Orinda News as Editor Sally Hogarty transitions into her new role as executive editor of the newspaper.    When Hogarty started her editorial position 25 years ago, she often used The Orinda Association’s (OA) small office in a portable building behind the old Community Center. In the days before scanning, word attachments, Dropbox and Google Docs became common, Hogarty carried hard copies of the paper to the homes of OA members for proofing.  Faxing was the preferred method of communication. Flash drives belonged to the future.
    “Although a lot has changed with how the paper is produced, one thing remains the same – the people,” says Hogarty.  “Orinda residents are still friendly, very involved with their schools and community, intelligent and highly articulate.”    
    Hogarty joined the paper in 1993 as assistant editor to Editor Bill Glazier.  In 1994, she became assistant editor to Lynda Leonard.  Hogarty was promoted to editor in September 2000 and is grateful for the early mentorship of Leonard and previous Orinda News’ editors Ann O’Connell-Nye and Hillary Hoppock. “Their encouragement and insight helped me grow as a writer, editor and a person,” says Hogarty.
     “Always a professional, Sally is possibly the hardest working person I have known,” says Leonard, who credits Hogarty with moving the paper to a monthly publication.  “She has made an enormous contribution to The Orinda News and our community. During a time when papers are shrinking, reporting local news is essential.”
    Hogarty’s work on the paper has not always been appreciated. “I’ve dealt with a fair amount of criticism. When I have both sides of an argument telling me I got the story wrong, I must be doing something right,” she laughs. 
    Former Orinda mayor and current City Council Member Amy Worth is impressed with Hogarty’s coverage of Orinda. “She contributes so much and provides tremendous, wonderfully balanced coverage of issues; and she does it with grace.” Worth describes Hogarty as a “fantastic inspiration” and calls her commitment to journalism and the community “The real glue that holds people together.”
    With Editor Simar Khanna joining the staff, Hogarty expects to significantly reduce her workload.  “I think it’s definitely time for new ideas and a fresh perspective,” she says. “I’ll still be around, however, attending local meetings and events.”
    Hogarty continues, “I really cherish the many close friends I have in Orinda, especially the staff at The Orinda Association. I’ve also been fortunate to work with so many wonderful writers who care deeply about their local community. I’m especially proud to have worked with many middle school interns and high school columnists, whose energy and enthusiasm is contagious.”
    Hogarty is also passionate about her successful, second career as an actress.  She recently performed in several independent films and television shows, and can be seen in commercials including one for Ancestry.com airing currently in the U.S. and Europe.
    “Like many people, I’ve had a few health issues over the years that remind me to focus on my priorities,” says Hogarty. “I’m looking forward to seeing old friends who live out of the area and catching more of our granddaughter’s college soccer games.  My husband Ken retired 18 months ago so he’s looking forward to me having a bit more time to do things with him,” she adds.
    Hogarty makes 70 look like the new 30. This energetic powerhouse starts each day with Yoga to get focused and believes eating well and exercise help her to be the best person she can be.  Her plans for the future include continuing to write her weekly performing arts column “Curtain Calls” for the East Bay Times, performing, enjoying more family time and embracing life’s changes.    

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