Fitness Tip – April 2019


Is Your Workout Getting You In Better Shape?

Which best describes your workout (Select from the following):
    Zone 1 – Comfortable
    Zone 2 – Challenging and Comfortable
    Zone 3 – Challenging and Uncomfortable

    If you are in Zone 1 and you want to improve your fitness…. get yourself into Zone 2 for 5 minutes for every 10 minutes of your workout. Work your way up to 30 minutes in Zone 2.
    You can do this by Increasing intensity with speed or incline or repetition etc.

Final Result
    Zone 1 : warmup
    Zone 2: workout
    Zone 1 : cool down

    Once your fitness has plateaued you can Go To Zone 3, using the same method.
    Bottom line: Getting Results isn’t always comfortable, but it’s worth the effort!

    For more information, contact Sheena with Living Lean personal training and eating for elite fitness at 925-360-7051 or

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