Pads4Pets Founders Receive Award

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Pam and Gary Schroeder received a local Jefferson Award from KPIX.

    Orinda residents Pam and Gary Schroeder who for seven years have been providing mats for homeless pets through their nonprofit Pads4Pets were recognized with a local Jefferson Award by KPIX.
     They will be among 30 to 50 Bay Area award recipients who will be featured on the television station and receive medals at a ceremony in January. Stunned by the news, Pam Schroeder said the recognition will help expand the program and benefit more homeless pets.   
     Pads4Pets collects new and used yoga mats and repurposes them for the companion animals of people living without shelter in San Francisco. The mats are washed, cut and stenciled with the Pads4Pets log, then passed along to partner organization Veterinary Street Outreach Services (VET SOS) for distribution.
     Schroeder said within a day of receiving the award on March 20, she was contacted by people who want to replicate the work in their own areas, offer mats and donate money. The Schroeders do not accept cash donations but are eager to teach others how to make the mats.  
     “This is not a proprietary program. It’s so simple to do that people can do it everywhere,” Schroeder said.
     To learn more about Pads4Pets, including how to donate a new or used yoga mat, go to

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