Fitness Tip – May 2020


Be Creative...Mix Up Your Workouts To Avoid Injury

    If you are doing cardio everyday its important to mix it up to avoid injury. Too much of one thing is not sustainable long term.
    Pick 3 activities that you can do which engage different muscle groups in different ways.
    Examples: Walking, Running, Biking
    Try not to exceed three days a week for the same activity.
    If you can only do one exercise, like walking for example, time yourself but change the terrain. Day 1: Mostly flat, Day 2: Flat and Small Hills, Day 3: Flat and Large Hills.
    Watch your time improve on the harder workouts as you get in better shape.
    If walking is going well you may want to take it to a jog.
    Here is an exercise regime that will strengthen your legs so you will
avoid injury. Do this after you exercise, and maybe before bed.
    Get on all 4’s
    • Kick one leg back
    • Straighten your leg and flex your foot
    • Squeeze your glute for 10 seconds (5x)

    Lay on your side with straight legs
    • Lift one leg up, not too high
    • Flex your foot and squeeze your glute for 10 seconds (5x)

    Lay on your back
    • Lift one leg up
    • Flex your foot and squeeze your quadricep muscle for 10 seconds (5x)
    • Do on both sides and then do a Figure 4 Stretch:
        Lay on your back
        Bend your knees
        Cross one leg in front of the other and press down on the knee of the crossed leg

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