Car Time – May 2020


Finding the Good in Uncertain Times

    We are going through a worldwide crisis that we have never seen in our lifetimes.
    COVID-19 has affected everyone in the Lamorinda area in one way or another. Our daily routines have changed. Most people are staying home as part of shelter-in-place, and a majority of businesses are closed.
    I’ve also heard folks speaking about bright spots in this unprecedented pandemic lock-in. Families and friends are spending more time talking, thanks to video chatting. Board games are back in fashion and family meals are once again a thing.
    We are hiking and walking the dog now. Simple behavior is happening and that is a good thing.
    But people do need to get to the store and to the doctor, and some of us, still need to get to work. Cars still break down or get a flat tire. We’re here if that happens.
    As a transportation related business, Orinda Motors is considered essential, and we have new policies to help keep everyone safe. We have instituted new protocols for picking up vehicles and preparing them for service which reduces contact.
    Like other Lamorinda businesses, ours has slowed down considerably during this time with our team members rotating days off. But be assured that there will always be a dedicated staff member to help you with a repair.
    Our Classic Car department also remains open so vintage vehicle owners can have repairs performed as well. We know what these old cars mean to our customers. You can call it nostalgia, but these cars make their owner’s happy. When the sun is out, they can drive to the pharmacy or go get an ice cream in their beautiful American classic and it makes them feel good.
    And we could all use a little bit more of that these days.

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