Car Time – June 2020


Quarantine Care

    People are not using their cars much right now given many are still stuck at home. Some want to get in vehicles and venture out. Is it safe? The experts say home is the safest place to be during this public-health emergency. Traveling longer distances by car is not advisable unless it is urgent.
    Obviously cars are on the road and local trailheads are all parked up. People are getting to the outdoors at their own discretion. How is that different than going for a ride in the country? If you want to take a drive, just use common sense and stick with the people you have been socially distancing with. 
    Disinfect surfaces inside your vehicle and vacuum the interior thoroughly. We’re all much more concerned about keeping things germ-free these days, and rightly so. There are things you should and shouldn’t use on the interior of your car. The liquid in Clorox wipes can damage organic surfaces and sensitive screens. Stay away from anything with bleach in it.
    When you do get out on the road, be careful and watch out for speeders who feel it is necessary to put us all at risk. Don’t be that person! Local law enforcement reports an immediate jump in the number of speeding tickets issued during the shelter-in-place. 
    There have been a few “parades of joy” that I have heard of with several vehicles traveling together celebrating everything from birthdays to Jesus, with passengers safely sheltering inside the vehicles.
    Cars are meant to be driven; sitting still isn’t healthy for them. The battery will lose its charge and possibly go dead. Give all of your vehicles exercise at least once a week to keep the battery charged, tires round and fluids warm. Rotate all of the vehicles in your fleet, including vintage or classic cars. They need exercise as well.
    If you feel like taking an extra step, take a look at the air filter and the cabin air filter. The cabin air filter is designed to filter the impurities from the air coming inside your car. It would be especially good to know that this filter is clean at this time. The directions on how to do so are in your glove box owner’s manual.
    Leaving your car out in the sun is very hard on its paint and its rubber trim. An interior that’s left locked up and exposed to sun gets very hot every day, which can quickly lead to damaged upholstery and trim. Using a car cover will protect the paint and the interior. Go ahead and do the wash and wax while you have the time at home.
    If you have a vehicle that you are not driving at all you can contact your insurance agent to suspend insurance. You can also look into credits or rebates on any of your cars that have reduced miles.
    Once the quarantine is removed, it is still important to be a good consumer of automobile maintenance. Give your car, truck or SUV the love it needs.

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