Looting in Orinda Village

(Morgan Weiss, Photographer)

    Computer Software and Hardware had its front door and window busted, approximately 15 laptops, several larger computers and other items taken the evening of June 1. While the business is somewhat hidden at 1 Orinda Way, Suite 4, the sign “Computers” can be seen from Camino Pablo. Yu Bistro, a Chinese restaurant also located at 1 Orinda Way, suffered a break-in as well.
    “I thought they couldn’t see us with our location,” said Computer Software owner Norman Weiss. “But my son Morgan opened up this morning to find everything trashed.” Weiss speculates the curfew has the opposite of a safe affect in Orinda. “There’s no one driving around or parked in the lots so they can do whatever,” he added. The close proximity to the freeway and to San Pablo Dam Road is also an advantage to thieves.
    “It’s such a shame this happened but, after all, it’s just stuff. It’s not like COVID-19 or anything,” Weiss said.

(Sally Hogarty, Photographer)

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