Holiday Season Kicks Off with GivingTuesday, December 1

(Kathy Enzerink, Photographer)
Lending a helping hand, sixth grader Luke Keevey comes to the rescue of Joana Muriel, who was trying to navigate opening the door at Sanvitalia.

    It started as a simple idea, choosing a dedicated day to encourage people to do good. Created in 2012, GivingTuesday, observed the Tuesday following Thanksgiving Day, has grown into an annual, global day of charitable giving. Circle Dec. 1 to help a neighbor, make someone smile or support charities of your choice with financial contributions.
    If charity begins at home, look no further than Orinda and/or to charitable organizations which serve this community. Local nonprofits serve our seniors, support the arts, clean the creeks and maintain public open spaces. A few of the familiar, perfect targets for your generosity, include Friends of Orinda Creeks, Friends of the Orinda Library, Lamorinda Arts Council, Mindful Littles, Orinda Starlight Village Players, The Orinda Association, The Orinda Community Foundation, The Orinda Park and Recreation Foundation and the Food Bank of Contra Costa Solano.
    Consider in-store or online purchases from local, family-owned businesses and take-out or dine-in meals at Orinda restaurants. Generous tipping will bring an instant smile as will buying a little something extra to support our retailers. Buying gift certificates and donating to local GoFundMe accounts are alternative GivingTuesday ideas.
    Hold a door open for someone. Give a wave of thanks to drivers as you cross the street. Buy a bouquet of flowers, then give one stem each to strangers until they’re given out. Everyone has something to give.

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