Third Time is the Charm for Retiring City Manager Steve Salomon

(Sally Hogarty, Photographer)
Orinda’s City Manager Steve Salomon has resigned effective Jan. 7, 2021. The search for a new city manager will soon begin.

    The old adage “the third time is the charm” certainly applies to Orinda City Manager Steve Salomon, who announced his retirement effective Jan. 7, 2021.
    This is not Salomon’s first retirement. In September 2013, after serving the City of Visalia for 17 years, Salomon retired and planned on some quality time with his wife Kathy. In November, however, he went to work for a consulting firm. In 2015, he once again retired.
    “I didn’t intend to work anymore but a year later, the City of Benicia asked me to be its interim city manager and I accepted,” said Salomon.
    As his position in Benicia was coming to an end, Salomon received a job offer as Orinda’s interim city manager. With the experienced Salomon in place, the City began an extensive search for a permanent city manager. The search, conducted by Peckham and McKenney, did not yield a candidate as strong as Salomon and in 2017, the City Council made him the official city manager.
    “I have enjoyed working with the Orinda community. Residents are very involved and people care a great deal about this place,” said Salomon. “Orinda also has a high quality of political volunteers. You don’t find that in many places where the city council, the various committees and the school board, who are all volunteers, give so much and are so knowledgeable.”
    Salomon also praised city staff for hard work on such projects as the Miner Rd. sinkhole, the Art and Garden Center, Wilder Fields, road improvements and the Parks and Rec program.
    “Our Parks and Rec Department was working at the highest level in the history of the city when COVID-19 hit. It’s been a challenge for all our staff, but morale is high and turnover remains low,” Salomon said.
    In August, Salomon announced his retirement for the third time. Hopefully, the third time is really the charm for this public servant of more than 45 years.
    “Steve Salomon is one of the most outstanding public managers in California. Orinda was so fortunate to have received the benefits of his tremendous experience, perspective and talents during his tenure here. It was an honor and a joy to work with him,” said former Mayor and current Orinda Vice-Mayor Amy Worth.
    Salomon looks forward to spending more time with his three adult children and three grandchildren, soon to be four. He’s also ready to do a lot more hiking, biking and kayaking with his wife. The two hope to include more traveling in the future.

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