Wilder Gallery: Art Students “The Human Conditional”

(Contributed Photo)
Sierra Miller's 24" x 18" mixed media work entitled Pathways reminds us that, if we use our imagination, it can be fun to hold many options open while considering life's multiple choice questions.

    The Lamorinda Arts Council invites you to view a virtual multi-disciplinary exhibit of artwork from six students at Saint Mary’s College in Moraga. Visiting Professor of Art Practice at Saint Mary’s, Laura Elayne Miller, Faculty Advisor of the GRID, introduces the California GRID Art Club leadership’s exploration of the relationship between the unknown and the re-invented truth through subjective human belief systems. Visit www.lamorindaarts.org/current-exhibits-wilder/ for an overview of this exhibit.
    The theme, “The Human Conditional,” explores the relationship between the unknown and the re-invented truth through subjective human belief systems. Six artists offer their virtual exhibit through images and videos at http://www.lamorindaarts.org/online-galleries. Miller said, “My students have been incredibly energized by the opportunity to share their artwork with the community.”
    Caed Folkestad is an interdisciplinary artist from Ashland, OR, currently studying Art Practice and Communication. His work is largely concerned with the romanticism of youth and the inextricable connection between human beings and their environment.
    Carly Hodes is an interdisciplinary artist who utilizes satire to explore the gender binary, and how it shapes the self-perception of males within contemporary society.
    K. Isaac Kim is a Minnesota born artist with a Korean perspective; he experiments in music, painting, drawing, and digital drawing.
    Amanda Moser is an interdisciplinary artist from San Diego studying Art Practice at Saint Mary’s College. Her work is influenced by human nature and connectivity. 
    Sierra Miller is a mixed-media artist who uses ideas focused in psychology, philosophy and color theory in order to help people understand how they fit into the universe.
    Sydney Toland is an interdisciplinary artist from San Ramon, who focuses on creative imagery in order to capture fantastical realities in her artwork.
    The Council hopes you enjoy this multifaceted student artist exploration into the roles of human beings as fosterers of subjective realities. The Art Gallery at Wilder is virtual because the Gallery is closed due to COVID-19 restrictions. Contact Curators Denise Nomura and Aniston Breslin at wildergallery@lamorindaarts.org with any questions.

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