Artify Orinda Installs Painting at CVS

(Maggie Boscoe, Photographer)
Can you find the 16 birds, animals and pollinators in Orinda artist Judith Feins’ painting? Sunrise from Rim Trail was installed on the front of CVS at 50 Moraga Way as part of the Lamorinda Arts Council’s Artify Orinda program.

    As you pass CVS at 50 Moraga Way, look for a serene landscape painting on the front of the building. Orinda artist Judith Feins completed the 20” x 50” artwork entitled Sunrise from the Rim Trail as part of the Lamorinda Arts Council’s Artify Orinda program.
    The timing of this could not be better.
    “This is an example of artists creating beauty in challenging times,” said Maggie Boscoe, chair of the program. “Judith’s painting is the first of four original artworks to be installed at CVS. We can’t wait for the others to be finished.”
    In keeping with Artify Orinda’s theme of portraying flora and fauna, there are 16 birds, animals and pollinators in Feins’ painting. See if you can find them next time you are in town.
    The Council thanks the Orinda Community Foundation for contributing grant monies, allowing these projects to continue. The City of Orinda, its City Council Members, Planning Dept. and Parks and Recreation Dept., continue to provide strategic guidance and assistance to complete these projects.
    If you know of any building owners on either side of downtown Orinda who would welcome this type of artwork, contact Boscoe at or call 925.359.9940.
    To learn more about Artify Orinda, visit

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