Local Photographer Receives National Recognition

(Yoni Mayeri, Photographer)
Orinda resident, photographer and cancer survivor, Yoni Mayeri, received national recognition for her photo, Pandemic Dream, placed on one of the pages in the annual 2021 CURE calendar. She took the winning shot on her iPhone, using only iPhone app editing tools.

    Orinda resident Yoni Mayeri, professional photographer and camera buff since childhood, used her iPhonography skills to secure a place in the 2021 CURE calendar. Pandemic Dream is a blending composite of Columbia River Gorge area photos taken at different times with an iPhone and edited using only iPhone apps, which in itself gives you a good idea about what characterizes iPhonography.
    Mayeri’s work was selected from 121 nationwide entries. A teacher of iPhonography for the past 10 years, Mayeri said, “It’s not about the camera; it’s about your vision and learning how to see it.” First comes visioning, then the processing and editing, all accomplished with an iPhone. “Now, our dark room is in our pocket,” she said.
    Mayeri found an issue of CURE magazine at the Cancer Support Community in Walnut Creek, following breast cancer surgery in 2017.
    “Both organizations made a significant impact to my experience,” said Mayeri. “After losing both my parents to different types of cancers, it was important for me, when I was going through treatment, to seek knowledge and support.”
    Every radiation treatment day, Mayeri created a photographic image. “Each piece was based on the radiation warning symbol, which was blended and manipulated using apps on the iPhone,” she said. “Creating this series helped me express my fear and embrace the healing power of the ‘scary’ linear particle accelerator.”
    Most of Mayeri’s images find beauty in earth’s landscapes, flora and fauna in the natural world where she finds peace, solitude and spiritual healing. She sees this as strength in forgiveness and “a strong appreciation for the many gifts that I have in my life,” and as a reminder to live each day to the fullest. Her images can be viewed on Instagram at yonimayeri.
    Yoni and husband David Mayeri moved to Orinda in 1990. Their sons Max and Zachary graduated from Glorietta Elementary, Orinda Intermediate and Miramonte High School.
    “Someone in a [Cancer Support Community] workshop told me ‘cancer is a gift,’” Mayeri said. “I didn’t understand what it meant, as I was in the midst of treatment. After I got through that time, I began to understand. When you are facing something life-threatening or something difficult, you begin to realize your strength and how much you really have. You become grateful for all the gifts in your life. In other words, you appreciate each day with gratitude. Life is a gift.”

2021 CURE Calendar
    Launched in 2002, CURE Media Group provides a resource for cancer updates, research and education. Its magazine, focused entirely on cancer, may be ordered online. Its online site can be reached at www.curetoday.com. Free copies of the 2021 calendar may be ordered online.

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