OA Board Message – April 2021


Giving Thanks

    Thank you for supporting The Orinda Association on our 75th anniversary. 
    This has been a year of unprecedented change. Sometimes lying awake at night, one can remember little things such as sitting inside Casa Orinda waiting for fried chicken or going to the Orinda Theatre for a movie. While we still can’t do either, the day we can is getting closer.
    One positive impact of our COVID-19 year, we are all rebalancing and centering ourselves around the basics: family, friends and communities. And while we certainly don’t want to go through another year like we just did, we should celebrate this shared experience bringing us closer to our families, neighbors and the broader community in which we live.  
    At The Orinda Association are proud of our past and inspired by possibilities for Orinda’s future. We are thankful to our teachers, health care workers, and local businesses for doing their part to keep Orinda the friendliest and best town in which to live.
    Most importantly, we are thankful to each of you for supporting this community. Whether you are reading The Orinda News, watching our Fourth of July parade, walking through our Classic Car Show, volunteering for Seniors Around Town (SAT) or simply being friendly to your neighbors – you are an integral part of Orinda.
    In honor of our 75th anniversary, we ask if you could donate $75 this month on behalf of your household in support of SAT, a free door-to-door transportation program for Orinda senior residents.
    They are the generation of Orindans who built our schools, library, businesses, community center and parks. They advocate keeping Orinda safe and environmentally protected. It’s our turn to help them remain independent in the homes in which they’ve lived and raised their families. A strong community supports all residents. And we want to continue serving Orindans for another 75 years.
    If you’ve recently donated to The Orinda Association or SAT, thank you again!
    To make an even more significant impact, please visit http://www.orindaassociation.org on our donations webpage to see if your employer matches donations or has a volunteer grant program.
    This year we set a goal of raising $7,500 from corporate matching programs. Such programs double your contribution to SAT and sometimes will match donations from spouses and retirees. It’s a simple step to find out if your employer will match your donation. Your $75 donation then becomes $150.
    Yes, we’ve all experienced unprecedented change and challenges this past year. Many have been able to adapt, rebalance and focus on challenges and opportunities and become better because of it. Over the past 75 years, The Orinda Association has adapted to remain relevant and valued.
    Thank you for supporting the OA’s programs and events, as a volunteer, a contributor or attendee. We couldn’t do it without you!

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