Message from the OA Board – April 2022


Spring is in the Air

    Spring is in the air. On April 1, Walk to Work Day, get out and enjoy our beautiful town. And while you are out, play a practical joke on someone for April Fool’s Day. If you are reading this too late and got fooled, sign up for the The Orinda News online and get added to the growing list of people getting their news early.
    On April 3, I will attend the Live At the Orinda concert series with Natalie Douglas. Last month, Marilu Henner performed an incredible show. Mayor Fay and I agree, if you have not been to one of the cabaret shows, you are missing a real gem in the Lamorinda community.  
    By the way, the new curtains and screens are up and fundraisers are in the works for new speakers. Thank you, Derek and Leonard, for all your time and work. 
    April 6: “New Beer’s Eve” was the night before prohibition for beer was repealed in 1933 by President FDR. Over a 1 ½ million gallons of beer were sold on April 7. Be grateful and enjoy a cold one … after planting seeds for California Poppy Day.   
    April 11: National Pet Day celebrates the special relationship between humans and pets and the joy pets bring to our lives. It also raises awareness of animals awaiting rescue or a permanent home.
    April 16 is Librarian Day and we have the BEST library and staff in the county! Stop in to say thank you and remember to always have a current library card. Michael Beller, who goes out of his way to keep everyone excited about reading, loves questions.
    The Rotary Spring Egg Hunt is also on Saturday, April 16 at 10:30 a.m. at the Orinda Community Center Park. If you are age 7 or under or share a life with somebody that age, the Orinda Rotary has just the event for you.
    Also on April 16, the Bay Area Storytelling Festival returns. Five internationally known storytellers will awe and entertain at the Orinda Community Center from 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.
    This year, income taxes are due on April 18, pushed back because April 15 is a holiday, Good Friday. The 18th is also National Columnists Day.  
    April 23 is Orinda Action Day when local groups, individuals and families pitch in to clean up our city. The Orinda Juniors have already signed up. Have you? See story on Page 3.
    The Orinda Volunteer Center is updating the volunteer guide on our website. Stay tuned for more information. Again, thank you to our volunteers and supporters; we couldn’t do our events or programs without you!

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