Poul Anderson Creative Writing Contest Announces April 15 Deadline

(Courtesy of Doubleday)
This photo of Poul Anderson was used on the dust jacket of his novel Trader to the Stars, 1964.

    If science fiction, memoirs, poetry and other creative writing fuels your passion, The Poul Anderson Creative Writing Contest should spark your interest.
    Run by The Friends of the Orinda Library, the annual contest is open to students who reside or attend high school in Orinda. Students submit one entry in any of the four categories for a total of three entries. The categories are Science Fiction/Fantasy, Essay/Memoir/Biography, Poetry and Short Story. Submission deadline is midnight, Friday, April 15.
    The contest pays homage to the late Poul Anderson, a popular science-fiction writer and Orinda resident. Originally from Pennsylvania, Anderson wrote his first stories while an undergraduate at the University of Minnesota. He earned his B.A. in physics with honors but decided to pursue a career in writing rather than science.
    The prolific author wrote fantasy and historical novels as well as short stories. His accolades include seven Hugo Awards and three Nebula Awards.
    A panel of professionals in writing and publishing will judge entries in the Poul Anderson Creative Writing Contest, with awards announced prior to the end of the school year. Up to four winners will be awarded $500 each.
    For contest entry forms, visit www.friendsoftheorindalibrary.org/writingcontest.

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