A Message From the OA Board – May 2021


Save Our Best Hometown Parade and Support the OA’s Programs

    The Orinda Association Board wishes everyone a happy springtime, the time of renewal. And speaking of renewal, we are so happy to be planning our Orinda Fourth of July Parade – the 
Best Hometown Parade! The parade will be on Sunday, July 4, but our start time is 11 a.m., one hour later than usual to accommodate local churches. Mark the date on your calendars and enter your group in the parade or plan to attend with friends and family (safe distancing and other protocols will be announced on the OA website in the days to come).
    The OA raises all funds to cover the parade costs. Our beloved City of Orinda does not pay for the parade directly – but does cover all costs of our police and other staff members who support our efforts. In order to have this year’s parade, we need to raise the funds to pay for it. In normal years, the OA would solicit sponsorships from local businesses, but many of our local businesses are hurting this year (COVID is unforgiving). So, this year we are announcing our “Save The Parade” GoFundMe campaign. Starting in May, we will gratefully accept donations of all amounts to support the Parade. These much-needed funds will directly pay for such items as our paid entertainers and bands in the parade, insurance, equipment and other needs. Please go to the OA website (www.orindaassociation.org) for all details on this campaign! We really appreciate your support!
    Your generous donations to the OA will also cover the many other programs we operate. The OA depends on supporters like you not only for the Fourth of July parade, but your donations also keep the Volunteer Center open, fund our public forums, and, of course, help publish the oldest nonprofit newspaper in the area, The Orinda News!
    National Cartoonists Day is on May 5, and we are so lucky to have Dick Ling enlighten us at the The Orinda News! His background as an architect has made Orinda’s roads a favorite topic. On to the calendar. National Teachers Day is May 12, and we all know how hard our beloved teachers have been working!
    Do Something Good for Your Neighbor Day is May 16. At our Seniors Around Town ride program, “neighbor helping neighbor” is a great program year-round. Taking seniors to medical appointments is our way to support their ability to live independently. The OA staff works with a dedicated group of volunteer drivers to organize and run this highly successful and much-valued program and your support helps cover staff and program expenses.
    We can all participate on Senior Health & Fitness Day, May 16, because some things just get better with age. That is certainly the case with The Orinda Association. This year, the OA is celebrating its 75th anniversary. As the oldest continuing, community-wide non-profit in Orinda, we continue to change with the times, building community involvement, producing events, operating programs and publishing this newspaper – all to meet the needs and concerns in our community.
    National Smile Day is on May 31, but with masks in place, how will we know? Your smile is a known stress reducer, makes you more approachable and creative, and reduces blood pressure.
    With more daylight hours, enjoy our wonderful town. The OA Board, our office staff and the many other fantastic people who support our activities, all thank you for your generous support of The Orinda Association.

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