Orinda Garden Club Members Participate in Bouquets to Art 2021

(Phoebe Kahl, Photographer)
The bouquet, created by the Orinda Garden Club for the 23rd annual Bouquets to Art 2021, took a few weeks to create. This floral artwork assignment was based on the Royal Chair from Ghana.

    Tradition continued as Bouquets to Art 2021 opened for its 37th year, June 8 to 11 at the De Young. Orinda Garden Club members have participated in the spectacular floral event for years. Diana Kennedy and Phoebe Kahl celebrate their 23rd year as participants, joined by Mari Tischenko, who represented the Club with a separate arrangement.
    “It was a challenge we looked forward to and found very exciting,” said Kennedy.
    She said members of the club went to the museum early in the year, as they do annually, for “Selection Day.” A few weeks later, they got an assignment.
    “This year we were assigned a piece of furniture called, Royal Chair from Ghana, Africa,” said Kennedy. “As soon as we received the information, we began brainstorming on our proper container, floral materials and location of where our pedestal will be placed.”
    Bouquets to Art was cancelled during 2020 due to the pandemic. This year, with limited access, it sold out immediately. Fortunately, given post-COVID-19 technology, there is a first ever, virtual tour available, providing an in-depth look at every floral design, filled with behind-the-scenes details. It’s free for museum members and $10 for the public.
    The return of Bouquets to Art 2021 was welcomed by all who enjoy novel creativity and floral displays. Visit https://deyoung.famsf.org/bouquets-to-art for more information.

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