The Orinda Theatre is Open for Business

(Sally Hogarty, Photographer)

    The Orinda Theatre’s Derek Zemrak said the art deco movie house is open for business with a variety of films and live shows currently scheduled. Choose from documentaries, comedy and drama as Orinda gets back to a more normal lifestyle. A monthly live comedy show is also in the offering. “I’m so excited to get back to having comedians here,” said Zemrak. “And, we know our audience. Our comedians are funny without relying on a host of four-letter words.”
    The long-time film critic, producer and actor has also recently published a book entitled 50 Movies You May Not Have Seen, That You Should! The book includes a plethora of films including one of Leonardo DiCaprio’s early films What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, which also starred Johnny Depp. Great photos and commentary make this a fun read. The book is available at The Orinda Theatre.

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