Artist Grant Rusk’s Photography Draws Inspiration from Social Issues

(Courtesy of Grant L. Rusk)
Grant Rusk’s Ambient Fence II reflects his locale as he investigates familiar places and surroundings.

    The Lamorinda Arts Council invites art lovers to view a virtual exhibit of the photography of Grant Rusk from Aug. 1- 31 in the virtual Art Gallery at Wilder by visiting His work is included in collections of San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and the Bancroft Library at UC Berkeley, among many others. He also serves as a member of the Moraga Art in Public Spaces Committee.
    Rusk, of Moraga, has never worked as a photojournalist or in advertising. “I came in the era when photography was incorporated within the curriculum of university and college art departments. I have always made photography as an artist,” he said.
    His interest in photography came from his father, who was a dedicated photographer. Rusk said, “Things rub off. I progressed from the subject of his photographs to authoring my own. I have always believed photography has the capacity to control, to change and to surprise. “
    Never at a loss for new ideas for photographs, Rusk said social, natural and environmental issues arise on a regular basis. He feels these issues need his attention as a photographer. For 10 years he has been teaching at the Harvey Milk Photography Center in San Francisco. The interaction of students to the promotion of personal vision gratifies him. Previously, he worked as a program specialist in the Art Research Library at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.
    The photographs he presents are from a series entitled The Ambient Fence. They are chromogenic prints.
    The Art Gallery at Wilder is virtual because the Gallery is closed due to COVID-19 restrictions. Contact Curators Denise Nomura and Aniston Breslin with any questions or comments at

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