Royal Court Celebrated at the Three Quarter Century Club Gathering


    The local “Three Quarter Century Club Gathering” recently named its Royal Court for the year as well as regaling participants with a talk by the great-nephew of the legendary Harry Houdini.
    The Royal Court, which acknowledged seniority in the local club where newcomers must be 75 years old, was announced.
    The top honor was a shoo-in for George Jedenoff – named King at the club’s annual meeting: He’s 104. What’s more, he skied at Sugar Bowl two times this past year. Certainly, he is deserving of his $100 gift certificate award, almost matching his age per dollar.
    The club’s Queen was named: yours truly. Just turned 93 in September, I am also active. In addition to writing for this newspaper, I play tennis at Orindawoods at least two times a week, often with ladies half my age. I also received a $100 gift certificate.
    This year’s longest married couple, Nancy and Don Hall, have been married 63 years. They too, received a $100 gift certificate.
    With that in mind, all of us would say, “This makes it worthwhile getting old.”  
    Jedenoff agrees with me that continuing to engage in a sport one enjoys, or any kind of exercise, is good medicine for all as we age. 
    George Hardeen, the great-nephew of Houdini, gave an interesting presentation during the gathering. He said Houdini was the highest paid entertainer of his time and he was best known for his escape tricks. 
    Houdini became famous when he freed himself from the shackles of Scotland Yard. He would announce he was going to hang himself upside down in a straight jacket on the flagpole near a newspaper office. Of course, they would publicize it and draw thousands to watch. His closing remark was, “Live magically.”
    John Fazel, the inspiration for the Three-Quarter Century Club, and perennial master of ceremonies, expressed his thanks to the Evite Master, Tom Guyette, Chris Laszcz-Davis and Don Jenkins, who helped recruit new partners for the event.  
    Sunrise Rotary sponsored the Evite meeting, along with the Rotary Clubs of Orinda, Moraga, Lafayette and Rossmoor and the Orinda Association, Lafayette Chamber of Commerce, Lamorinda Village, Lafayette Community Foundation, Lafayette Senior Service Commission, Lamorinda Art Council and the Lamorinda Movers.  
    The overall tech consultant was Jim Marggraff. The Evite event was headquartered at the Jennifer Perlmutter Art Gallery in Lafayette.
    An added bonus to the celebration was a shout-out to John and Mary Lou Fazel’s 59th wedding anniversary. They met on a blind date at Iowa State 63 years ago. Congratulations to them. 

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