Goat Weed Abatement Done Naturally

(Stacy Crinks, Photographer)

    When it comes to weed abatement in the Orinda Oaks Park, the City is not kidding around. An organic alternative to controlled burns and weed whacking, 263 goats are quietly chomping away at the grass and shrubs the City removes each year before fire 
    “The goats are here on a trial basis, using Measure R funds for fuel mitigation efforts,” said Measure R Commissioner, Latika Malkani.
    Goats R Us is an Orinda-based family business owned by Terri, Egon and Zephyr Oyarzùn since 1995. Shepherd Pedro Paocar and his dog Pinky – plus mesh electric fencing – keep the herd moving through the park and safe from predators. Paocar expects the goats to complete their tasty work by the end of March.

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