Wilder Hosts Safety and Health Fun Fair in Partnership with City

(S.K. Gupta, Photographer)
Lamorinda CERT volunteers provided hands-on training to Wilder residents in emergency preparedness ((L-R) Scott Honeychurch (Wilder HOA President), Ammon Lee, Charlie MacNulty, Lynn Trowbridge, Jose Anaya, Julie Sparks, Ray Breslau, Eric Lee, and Perrin Kliot.

    Orinda’s planned community, Wilder, hosted a Safety and Health Fun Fair Sunday, June 12. The community has a large number of young families, many of them, first-time homebuyers.
    The Wilder HOA partnered with the City and many local organizations to host the event at the Orinda Arts & Garden Center. MOFD firefighters arrived with a fire truck and ambulance. The Orinda Police Department participated with two patrol cars, drones and multiple officers.
    Lamorinda CERT organized a hands-on training for kids and adults on how to use fire extinguishers. They also educated folks on Go Bags and the importance of Emergency Preparedness with water drums, etc.
    The team from Red Cross answered many questions and trained over 25 residents on Hands-Only CPR.
    The Orinda GHAD (Geological Hazard Abatement District), the City of Orinda and EBMUD had informational tables set up and addressed questions from the residents on different safety and emergency preparedness aspects.
    East Bay Parks brought a team of volunteers. The crowd-highlight of the day was when their helicopter landed on Field 3, where the pilot explained to parents and kids how the helicopter works and carries water to fight fires.
    Festivities for the kids included face painting, balloons, food truck and a group of Ukulele singers.
    Orinda Mayor Dennis Fay visited the event.
    “It is impressive to see over 350 adults and kids learning and having fun!” he said.
    MOFD Board member Steve Danzinger and EB Parks Board member Dee Rosario also attended.

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(S.K. Gupta, Photographer)
Lamorinda CERT Volunteer Perrin Kilot coaching London and her dad Chad Amon on how to put out a fire.

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