A Message from the OA Board – November 2022


Giving Thanks and Gratitude

    As we begin the holiday season, hopefully moving toward a more forgiving phase of COVID-19, giving thanks and practicing gratitude might come a little easier this year. Aaron Kinne, in an Aug. 27 article titled “What is World Gratitude Day?” stated, “Gratitude lifts us up, rejuvenates our spirit and gives us a renewed resolve to meet the unprecedented challenges we’re facing today.”
    Couldn’t we all use that?
    Researchers suggest the more grateful you are, the more willing and happier you are to give to those in need. The good news is there’s no shortage of ways to be altruistic. Volunteering and financial support are always needed – even in Orinda’s own backyard.
    Orinda is blessed to have active, local non-profits addressing the needs of all sectors of this community, including well-being, environmental, cultural and educational. Wherever someone’s passion lies, there’s a group with which to volunteer or support financially. The Orinda Association’s Volunteer Center has a new updated resource guide; check it out.
    Seniors are especially vulnerable, physically and emotionally, during the holidays, but their needs remain throughout the year. Losing the ability to drive to a doctor’s appointment or grocery store leads to isolation and depression, often resulting in a feeling of being trapped in one’s own home.
    Consider volunteering and supporting Seniors Around Town (SAT), which is a free, safe, door-to-door transportation program for Orinda seniors. Providing just one ride a month, volunteer drivers can change a senior’s quality of life while helping them regain independence and stay connected with the community.
    Another way to help is to make a donation to a favorite charity. A gift to Seniors Around Town – made now through Dec. 31 – will be matched by an anonymous donor dollar-for-dollar, doubling the impact of the contribution. Use the enclosed envelope, or scan the QR code to pay online. Giving locally allows each to see exactly how contributed dollars are working for good.
    If gratitude is a part of your life, or if you’re feeling you have space in your heart and your life to give to others, please do whatever you can. You’ll find the benefits of gratitude and helping others in need just might give you the resolve you need to make it joyfully through the holidays.
    For more information, email seniorsaroundtownorinda@gmail.com, or visit www.orindaassociation.org.

Kate Wiley can be reached at seniorsaroundtownorinda@gmail.com.

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