Installation of Pam Toki’s Shift

(Jeff Heyman, Photographer)
Pam Stefl Toki unveils Shift at the Orinda Library.

    Oakland-based monoprint artist, Pam Stefl Toki, unveiled her work Shift at the Orinda Library Sept. 13. Shift will be on display on the steps leading to the library for a year. The work refers to humanity’s shift into raised awareness and to the new reality that Toki feels all of us are experiencing.
    The metal-backed art print came about through a revision of a clay monoprint completed in 2009. The print’s photographed image segued into the current metal artwork with intention to be displayed in an outdoor public space. The surreal central image of Toki’s print reflects a movement, morphing into another phase of life and the potential for greater 

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