Caitlin Chan Moves to Top Seat

(Mark Bell, Photographer)

    When folks say, “May the force be with you,” they could now be referring to Sophomore Caitlin Chan, a mild mannered Miramonte tennis player – and a force of nature. Once playing just behind team starlet Juliette Krumholz, who received the brunt of the camera flashes, Chan was, until this point, a true hidden gem. But no longer. Chan will now be top seat on the team ladder, and Krumholz has moved on. That means Caitlin will be playing on the #1 court in the team’s quest to win the league, and the NCS championship. She is unbelievably precise. Consistent, fiercely competitive and very similar to some of her teammates like Nicole Hui, Alison Rhee and Nicole Guo, a win-under-pressure team player. Paralleling a young Luke Skywalker, Chan, just 15, is still realizing her full strength and confidence. But opponents beware, Chan will get inside your head and politely crank up the volume on that little voice that’s been saying “Yep, I should’ve gone out for Cross Country instead.”

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