President’s Message – Jan 2019


Wishing You a Healthy Happy 2019!

    Let’s start off the year on Jan. 1 with Polar Bear Swim Day. We have so many swimmers in our town that surely someone is starting the year off with a freezing swim. A less traumatic way to start the year would be to make a New Year resolution to continue helping others, yourself and your community. The Camino Pablo Medians Landscape project finishes in the beginning of January, and we are thankful for the Orinda Garden Club’s major financing and that organization’s plant and design help. And welcome to Inga Miller, our new mayor. She is also a driver for the Seniors Around Town program.
    The Golden Globe Awards are on Jan. 6, when the Hollywood Foreign Press Association recognizes the best of film and television, both domestic and foreign. On Jan. 9, the movie A Star Is Born will play at the Rheem Theatre – not the current version, or the 2013, or the 1976, or the 1954 version – but the original 1937 version. The free movie at the Orinda Theatre is Jan. 10, the same as Bittersweet Chocolate Day, so eat some at the movie to celebrate because you can never get enough dark chocolate says our editor, Sally.
    Dress Up Your Pet Day on Jan. 14, gives your pets a bit more attention if they enjoy costumes. And if they stay in costume overnight, add a hat the following day for National Hat Day. And put on your hat. Make a fashion statement, protect your noggin from sun or rain, or protect your head with a helmet if you ride your bike – always!
    Remember a few weeks ago you made some resolutions that were a bit far reaching? Jan. 17 is Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day, when most people give up on their resolutions. Almost 80 percent of all people who make New Year’s resolutions abandon them some time during the year, but how did the folks in the know decide this date?
    Jan. 19 is Popcorn Day. Popcorn makes a healthy treat with light butter and salt and a fun treat as sticky popcorn balls. Or you can string kernels together on garlands for your local birds. Pop some corn and enjoy your Saturday night!
    Fun At Work Day, on Jan. 25, is all about enjoying yourself: Dress up silly, partake in an office-based contest, or just crank the music up loud while you work. You’re lucky if you can get work done and have fun doing it while loving your job.
    Humans have been swapping seeds since the beginning of agriculture. On Jan. 26, Seed Swap Day is your chance to get together with other gardeners or your neighbors and swap from the best plants to improve the biodiversity in Orinda.
    Okay, toward the end of the month it’s dark outside with no more holiday parties. New Year’s resolutions are well in the rear-view mirror, and we’re bored. Right then, Blue Monday pops up on the calendar on Jan. 28. Instead, I’m going to celebrate Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day by taking a chunk of bubble wrap and popping every single bubble in the sheet. Poppin’ with my friends who need a bit of stress relief by dancing on each sheet, or rolling it in a tube, grabbing both ends and twisting as hard as we can to invite a torrent of pops to come forth. Glad I saved some from the holidays.
    Jan. 29 is the next Downtown Streetscape Master Plan Workshop. Follow Connect-Orinda projects and give your feedback on the City of Orinda website. Ironically, it is also Puzzle Day.
    This month marks the conclusion of my three years as OA President. I am happy to announce that our board has elected Carlos Baltodano as our new president. He will do an excellent job and will be supported by VP Joe Garvey, and the rest of our energetic board members and office staff. Our board will continue to work very hard to serve Orinda along with our wonderful OA supporters! Wishing you a Healthy Happy 2019!

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