Now Playing in Orinda: What Will People Say

(Contributed Photo)

    This month Lamorinda’s International Film Showcase is featuring What Will People Say, an award-winning film that was submitted as Norway’s entry for Best Foreign Language Film for this year’s Academy Awards. Written and directed by Iram Haq, the gripping drama tells the story of Nisha, a teenage girl growing up in Norway whose world is utterly transformed when her Pakistani parents abruptly move her from the only country she’s ever known to a small town in Pakistan. Once there, she struggles to adapt to a rigid culture that denies her many of the freedoms she once took for granted, while trying to find a way to escape back to her old life. The film is showing at the Orinda Theatre Feb. 8-14 and the Rheem Theatre from Feb. 15-21. For further information or to watch the trailer go to

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